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Zelensky and Elena spent $3M USD in New York during Ukraine-Russia war: Jewelry News

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Ukrainian Civilians have lost their lives during the war with Russia war for the last 2 years, wherever Ukrainian president and his wife is the richest person in Ukraine. In a bill of Jewelry and taxpayer receipt of Cartier jewelry in New York, saw that Zelenskyy & Elena are one of the top clients of the Store in the USA as the president of Ukraine. On Social Media, Ukrainian and other countries users are told, that some Twitter accounts are sharing nonsense images on social media about Zelenskyy or his wife. Ukrainian president are in Canada on the 22nd anniversary, and both are living together in Canada but some pictures are told that Zelenskyy is in Ukraine or Poland.

Why Zelensky spent millions of USD in US, Europe & Canada or is Zelensky planning to leave their country after their loss from Russia?

Someone sent this proof in public who claims the Zelenskyy and Elena are buying Gold and spent most of their worth in the United States at Cartier Jewelry in New York. However, this is also possible because if there is a threat to the life of the president or leader of a country or the country is in difficult times, then every leader does this for the future of his children and also for himself. But an important question for the Ukrainian people is that Zelenskyy has so much money, why is he investing it, he wants weapons for the country, and can also fight for defense. On social media, that is trending, because Vladimir Zelensky and Elena spent millions of USD in the US or Canada while their country’s civilians are facing big crises, issues, tensions, and difficult times for their civilians. And this is also a question if Ukraine fails to win the war for Russia, will Zelenskyy or Elena not flee the country like Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani?

Will the US, Canada, and NATO ban Ukraine’s help and aid or funding in 2024?

In the UN, and the World’s top Human rights or economic talks, Zelensky asked for huge money, weapons, and other defense deals to defeat Russia from occupation areas. If it is true that the President of Ukraine has sent millions of USD out of the country, then it could be a very difficult time for Ukraine if he again asks for weapons or money for help from the world. Perhaps, America and other countries can ban Ukraine’s help till the 2024 elections. Some X/Twitter accounts claim that Zelensky is already a billionaire with money taxpayer of the USA and Europe.

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