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Yemen’s Ties with Saudi Arabia, End all Regional Conflicts in Middle East : Israel-Gaza War

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Currently, Yemen’s Houthis and the Yemeni Government believe that they now want peace with Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran, and Israel in order to strengthen their relations with Saudi Arabia and prevent regional conflicts. However, many questions arise from this question like cooperation between Yemen and Iran, American or British Airstrike on Yemen, and escalation of war between Israel and Gaza. Some people may have said that after the American and British air strike on Yemen, now it seems that both Houthi and Yemen have appealed for peace with America, Israel, and Britain. A few days ago, the Yemeni Government and Houthis told to world to attack more US, Israeli, or British Ships. But now it seems that all the conflicts between Houthi, the Yemeni Government, and Saudi Arabia may end in the future because currently Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Jordan are almost neutral due to the Israel-Gaza, US, and Iran war. Having seen this, Yemen also wants to have relations and strength with Saudi Arabia which in the future if the US and Britain do Ground operations or Airstrikes then Saudi Arabia will not provide its place. If in the future the US and Britain declare war against Houthi or Yemeni then Saudi Arabia may give its land to Western countries and this will be a big challenge for Houthi and Yemen along with the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, and Arabian Sea.

Why Yemen and Saudi Arabia Normalization will end the conflicts in the Middle East?

But Saudi Arabia and UAE are not with anyone right now because these countries have relations with China, Iran, Russia, and Europe too and in this case if the US provides defense to Saudi and UAE then the US will attack Houthi. It is possible to find a place for the US in Saudi Arabia. And these Houthis would never want Saudi Arabia, Oman, and UAE to allow their space to be used for US and British operations. If the US and Saudi Arabia together attack Houthis, then in the future Houthis and Yemenis can also continuously attack Saudi Arabia due to which apart from the US and Britain, there is a possibility of war between Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Recently, Yemen’s Houthi and Yemeni governments have said that they now want peace and normalization with Saudi Arabia. However, not only can Saudi Arabia attack Yemen’s capital, but Saudi Arabia, the US, and the UK can also attack the Red Sea together. This can open more than four fronts for the Houthis, which will make it very difficult to make a deal for weapons with Yemen and Iran, China, or Russia. However, after the peace between Yemen and Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia will not have any aim to declare war on Yemen. So, in such a situation, it will be very difficult for the Houthis to fight a war with Yemen, the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden, the Arabian Sea, and Saudi Arabia simultaneously. Apart from this, after normalization between Saudi Arabia and Yemen, Iran can also be hit in the war against the Red Sea, Yemen, or Israel.

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