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Yemen will shut down the global internet amid US-Houthi war in Red : Yemen News

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Recently, the Houthi attacks are posing a bigger threat to the world’s internet than capturing Israeli and American ships. Recently, it has been revealed from Iranian, Russian, and American news sources that Yemen’s Bab al-Mandab supplies almost 40% of the world’s Internet, which poses a threat to all Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 routes. In this way, many countries have broken America’s coalition by sending their warships to Yemen, the Red Sea, or Bab al-Mandab, which is leaving the US alone in the Yemen war. Recently Germany, France, and Saudi Arabia have officially stopped supporting it within the Red Sea. And now it seems that even Europe has refused to support it and send worship due to Yemen and Houthi.

Could Houthi or Yemen Internet Shutdowns Pose the Biggest Threat to Stocks and the Economy in the World?

According to a media report, it has been said that the world’s largest internet tiers are located in the East and West of Yemen which provide almost 50% internet services to the world. Apart from this, Yemen also has the biggest role in reaching US, Europe, and African networks to Asia and it is believed that if there is an attack by the US Coalition Army on the route to Yemen, then almost 50% of the world’s internet will be terminated by sea-to-surface missiles by Houthi. Anyway, the work of connecting the network of Europe, America, and Africa within Asia is done through Yemen’s Red Sea, the Indian Ocean, the Strait of Hormuz, and the Strait of Gibraltar. Due to Israel’s policy on Gaza, the Internet for Israel, Europe, and Asian countries can be completely terminated because Houthi may take these steps to affect the economy, stocks, defense, and investment in the world. Although there has been no such situation of blocking the internet in the Red Sea, Yemen, and Bab al-Mandab, if there is a war in Yemen then the Houthis of Yemen can also take such a step. Actually, countries like France, the UK, the USA, and China have a lot of money invested in Yemen due to the global internet, minerals, and many other things.

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