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Yemen and Houthi sending Troops to Gaza to fight Israel : Israel Hamas War

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Recently, because of its Coalition Army, Lip is now about to jump into a direct Israel-Hamas war. Because currently the US, Bahrain, Canada, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, the Seychelles, and the United Kingdom have launched a major military operation against Yemen, to protect global ships, exports, and goods from the Red Sea. Recently, there has been a very big agreement from the Houthis of Yemen that now they can send other Houthi fighters to Gaza where there can be a big deal with Hamas, Hezbollah, Palestinian resistance, and Houthi against Israel. Recently, big news has come from Yemen inside the politics bureau of Yemen that Houthi and Israel are being attacked in Gaza, the Red Sea, and the West Bank. Due to the actions of Israel and Hezbollah, Houthi has also fallen in the middle of all this.

Houthi sending large troops to Israel’s land Gaza.

How is Houthi planning to get into Gaza, Will Houthis Fire missiles in Southern Israel?

Neither Houthi nor Yemen will be able to reach Gaza directly or they will have to bypass Israel or go through Egypt, Jordan, and the Gulf of Aqaba, the way Houthi are continuously attacking Israel’s Eilot city, it seems now. That Houthis can reach Gaza through Southern Israel but to go to Gaza they can be fought anywhere by the Israeli army. It is difficult for Houthi to enter Gaza directly and for Yemen or any country to enter Gaza directly but the Suez Canal can help Houthi because this route is also with Egypt and Egypt’s peoples on the other hand Houthi against Israel. They can help in Iran’s Strait of Hormuz, the Persian Gulf Iraq, and Syria because if Houthi goes through the Suez Canal and Red Sea then they will have to respond to Israeli attack. We will also have to respond to the US attack. In this big action of Houthi, no country will support border crossing because Houthi can enter Gaza by attacking Israel from the Red Sea. But even Saudi, Oman, Egypt, and Iran will not be able to support Houthi directly.

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