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Will the US Withdraw from NATO amid the US Election, Trump 2024, Russia Ukraine War?

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Recently, this question has been roaming in the minds of many people when and how will the ongoing cold war between Russia and the United States end? – Because Ukraine and NATO’s biggest War Front with Russia. So now let us talk about whether the US, the UK, and some pro-American countries can withdraw from NATO. However, recently Nordic countries like Sweden, Norway, and Finland have also started joining NATO. On the other hand, some countries are seeing their own benefits by allying with the US, such as maintaining relations with Russia during the Russia and Ukraine war and maintaining relations with Iran, Israel, and the Middle East due to the Israel and Hamas wars. But now there are many countries in NATO, that support Palestine and Gaza instead of Israel and there are some countries that support Israel. But will there be a global war like Ukraine, Taiwan, and Israel and a simultaneous war between NATO and Russia in Europe and will America, the UK, France, and Turkey attack Russia, China, and Iran? – Will NATO be able to save Europe and NATO in the ongoing war between the US and Russia? – The answer to this is that for the last 2 years, the US has always tried to remain neutral, and except for Defense aid, the US has not taken any action toward relations with Ukraine and Israel. Then in America’s recently launched Operation Prosperity Guardias, there seems to be a rift among NATO countries. This clearly means that everyone in NATO countries is looking at their own benefit.

Will the US and UK withdraw from NATO, the US Election, European Union vs Russia?

Currently, NATO’s top countries US and Turkey still want to strengthen relations with Russia and also do trade but it is very difficult for Europe’s France, Germany, and the UK to trade or deal with Russia because of the Ukraine war. It is also being said in US politics that the US and Russia will never wage a direct war in the future, even if Russia attacks all NATO countries together. if Russia attacks NATO countries then in the future US will face war in Europe in which the US can suffer maximum Defense, Financial, and Economic losses due to which countries like China and India can benefit a lot. Because as much as Russia and Iran are the top enemies of America, so are India and China who can become the top economic countries in the future and if the US and Russia start waging war in Europe then the Foreign Dominance of both Russia and America can end which is This will be the biggest opportunity for China. After the war in Europe and NATO, there is a danger of increasing Chinese influence in the Middle East, Africa, and South America for both America and Russia. Then if the Taiwan war breaks out, then perhaps both India and China can fight proxy wars in Asia for world leadership and their respective Dominance. Therefore, if Russia directly attacks NATO then the US will not be able to give anything else to NATO except arms and defense aid like Ukraine did because if the US gets into the war then a Nuclear war is also possible between Russia and the US. which will lead to possibly huge damage in Europe, America, and Asia. So now it is believed that after attacking NATO in the name of US elections, US debt, and that defense, Russia can also do nuclear war.

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