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Will the US, and Europe & Russia Enter in Guyana-Venezuela War? : South America War

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Recently, big news has come out about the South American countries in which Brazil, Venezuela, and Guyana have all witnessed huge clashes just a few hours ago due to Venezuela’s Referendum on the Guyana Border. Was said that Venezuela the perspective of the Clash has been seen from the Guyana side and on the other side Brazil and neighboring countries have also increased their army so that there is no major casualty or long-term war due to this Clash. Venezuela has already faced this kind of disaster but now Venezuela has said that they will host a referendum on 3rd December in which a solution can be found by including some areas from Guyana and that too in the interests of the people there. The US-Venezuela rivalry is worse politically, economically, and in foreign relations than it has been in the past few years, so Europe may have an opportunity for the US to seek support for Venezuela from Russia, Iran, and China on the way to Guyana.

Will the US, Iran, China Russia, and Europe enter in new Front war of Venezuela-Guyana?

There has been no declaration of war between Venezuela and Guyana, but increases in security forces on the Brazilian border are saying that a GuyanaVenezuela war may be imminent. But Guyana and Venezuela may clash even before 3rd December because it is believed that this clash has started at a time when the US has already made enemies with Iran, the Middle East, Russia, and even Europe. It does not seem now that Europe will be involved in this war. By the way, this war can escalate into a political one, US can only create sourness between it and South American countries. Although the real report of this clash will come after 3rd December, for now, no one will take much interest in the ongoing border crisis. Although the US army has its military bases inside Guyana, if it supports it then only Guyana can support it. Although Venezuela’s interest is mostly taken by Russia, China, BRICS, and Iran, the question is also whether US involvement in the Venezuela-Guyana war can harm only the US.

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