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Will Russia support Israel against America and Europe? : Israel Ukraine Gaza War

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The world knows that the war between Israel, Hamas, and Gaza is not going to stop and perhaps this war can also be as long as UkraineRussia. So is there going to be a rift between Europe and America? Does Europe want to come closer to Russia and Gaza? – So some sources believe that Europe and America are facing much greater economic, recession, and debt problems than the war between Russia and Israel. Recently, two European countries, France and Germany, want to support Gaza through Lebanon and want to build good relations in the Middle East. Some time back, China had also started to agree with America’s Strategy against the USSR, but now China has accepted America’s strategy to save China in society, which is why it is always attacking America everywhere. Just like Europe’s Diplomacy meets America today.

Why is Europe continuously losing in Geopolitics and Russia is winning?

But now Europe is facing losses from all sides, first, it made Russia its enemy, second, there was a coup in Africa, thirdly Europe made enemies with Arabs close to Israel. Meaning, it seems that Europe is continuously losing from Ukraine, Israel, and the Middle East to Asia and Africa, and that too because of America. Recently, France has supported the people of Gaza which has greatly disappointed Netanyahu, and Israel and other countries of Europe can also support Gaza. It is clearly visible that by supporting America, Europe has created enmity among the people of China, Russia, the Middle East, and Africa for their investments, politics, and support. Accordingly, Europe has almost destroyed its ties with the Middle East, Russia, Africa, and South America because of US Policy in recent events, and they want their people not to become victims of unemployment, recession, and starvation in America’s era, hence they are now supporting the people of Gaza.

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