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Will Russia and China invest in Hamas and Hezbollah, technology and Military Arms in 2024?

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Russia, China, Iran and many of America’s enemy countries have always been criticizing Hamas and now China, Iran, and Russia are planning to invest in the new technology of Hamas and Hezbollah. In this case, terrorism is said to be that which actually kills someone for his own sake captures a country without any reason, or kills anyone without any reason. But in geopolitics, every country does its own thing, where some countries support Hamas, some countries support Palestine, and some directly support Israel. In the Syria war, it was believed that America had created Pro-ISIS and Israeli-backed groups against Iran, Russia, and Syria and now America and Israel believe that Hamas is the biggest militant group in Russia and Iran & Palestine.

Why is China & Russia making ties with Hamas and Hezbollah?

Now it is believed that Russia and China are in contact with Hamas and Hezbollah to improve their military education and they have agreed that the way Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel, Israel, and America will never forget this attack. This attack has created a situation like World War 3. In this case, Iran and Arab countries will not directly support Hamas and Hezbollah and they want the relations of their countries not to get spoiled due to IsraelHamas because everyone is doing a proxy war. Perhaps America & NATO could be the next target for China and Russia because they believe that America is somewhere trying to destroy their countries. Whatever is going on in Taiwan, Israel, Syria, Iraq, and South Korea has the biggest role of Russia, China, and America. The countries that are victims of war will never support America, China, Iran, and Russia because they believe that war is necessary only for those countries but it is not good for that country where is where the proxy war is being waged.

Why are China and Russia planning to invest in Hamas and Hezbollah?

Due to recent attacks on Israel, many countries that are against America and Israel mostly try to join hands with Hamas and Hezbollah. Right now Hamas is playing the biggest role in the way Israel is attacked and every country wishes that they too would have the same style in the next war world. Hamas has developed such a thing for which many countries of the world want to join hands with Hamas. Every country wants to develop things like Hamas which shook the entire defense system of Israel. In just 20 minutes, understand how many advanced weapons Hamas has developed like drones and hang gliders and AntiDefense system missiles. Israel still fears that because of my military strikes and ground operations, Hamas and Hezbollah might fire thousands of rockets on Israel.

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