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Will Putin launch nuclear missiles over Kaliningrad Oblast region tension? : Russia VS NATO

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Currently, the tension between NATO and Russia is a very big source of war, in which Sweden joining NATO and sending troops of NATO countries to Ukraine is playing a big role. Among all, ‘Kaliningrad Oblast‘ is a place where Poland and Russia face each other, which may even lead to war between NATO and Russia. So, although there are political, economic, and defense crises going on between NATO, and Russia Kaliningrad Oblast is a region where in the future also Russia and Poland can fight together in war. the matter of NATO and Russia is quite different from the war between Poland and Russia as we are looking at the war between Ukraine and Russia and whether NATO action will be implemented after the Russian attack on Poland or whether Russia will now attack Kaliningrad Oblast region. Will Russia have to fight a nuclear war with Poland? – The answer to this is that if Western countries take the help of Poland to attack Poland and West Russia or start attacking Kaliningrad Oblast, then Russia can attack Poland as well as Lithuania and Baltic countries.

Will Putin send Nuclear Missiles to the Kaliningrad Oblast region?

However, for Russia,, there will always be a loss in waging a war with NATO or Poland as the main aim is that if Russia tries to attack Poland then Russia will have to face pressure from NATO and also the Baltic Sea countries. Also the biggest leap for Russia is the Kaliningrad Oblast region which can lead to a NATO war for Russia in the future. So In this way, a war with NATO will become a very big challenge for Russia which will be the biggest threat to Kaliningrad Oblast region and for the defense of Russia also it is difficult to win NATO Vs Russia for now. However, for now, Russia uses the Baltic Sea to reach the Kaliningrad Oblast region and if there is a Russia Vs Poland war over the Kaliningrad Oblast region then it will be very difficult for Russia to fight with Poland. But it is not believed that Russia will launch a nuclear war on the Kaliningrad Oblast region with Poland.

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