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Will Netherlands, EU, and Israel come together against Turkey, Iran & Islamic World?: EU Vs Turkey

Will Israel Support EU countries, Will Turkey React on Netherlands Elections, Will European Union against Turkey, Saudi and Iran?, Geert Wilders will affect African, European and Asian relation with Europe?, Wil Israel support EU countrise politician agains Middle East?, Dutch leadership, Russia vs Netherlands, EU refugee tensions.


Recently we have seen a huge political change in the Netherlands and in this way, we have seen new Geopolitical issues, especially for Turkey, Iran, Saudi, and Pakistan. Currently, due to the American strategy going on between Europe and Asia, till now US-backed EU countries have suffered more than Russia, Iran, and Turkey. It is very difficult for many countries to break relations with Russia, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi and others. In the same way, other Riots and religious issues are happening in the EU due to African and Islamic refugee migrations, the people of Poland and the Netherlands want that they should not let people of any country and religion come to their country. So, in such a situation, are the Netherlands, Israel, and the EU going to move away from the Islamic World or is there going to be some big change in Europe? – They may be able to take in refugees, but will the Netherlands and the EU want to side with Israel because of the IsraelGaza war? – The chances of this happening to all of them are a little less.

Why Geert Wilders will affect Asia, Africa, and America to end all ties with EU leaders and countries?

After becoming the new PM of the Netherlands, Geert Wilders, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East will surely get clouded, if the Middle East and the Islamic world join together, then if relations are started with the EU, it will harm only Europe and Russia will benefit. For example, if Geert Wilders becomes the PM of Netherlands then perhaps there are chances of Europe’s secular, political, and economic situation getting a bit worse and all of them are not right for the EU right now in the direction of Russia and the Middle East. Geert Wilders can create some success for Turkey and African Islamic countries, but for now, Geert Wilders does not have enough power to directly create problems for Turkey and African Islamic countries. This can create a lot of trouble for Turks, Sweden, and Finland because Turkey has the geopolitics within NATO, and with the help of which Turkey can say a lot about the Netherlands. But as the EU countries move away from the maritime countries, perhaps the EU will suffer more than America.

So, can Israel leave Turkey and the Islamic World because of the Netherlands and Turkey?

His answer is, no. It is said that Turkey and Israel are divided politically because of the Gaza war, but Saudi, Iran, Turkey, and the Islamic world are very important for Israel because if there is a group like the EU in the Middle East then perhaps Israel will also be named in it because Due to Israel-Gaza war, all the countries are thinking about their own. However, with the ongoing war and the advent of Pro-Dutch leadership in the Netherlands, there will not be much difference in Israel-Turkey relations because Turkey itself wants to maintain all its relations with Israel even if diplomatic and political relations remain poor. But Israel’s economic relations are still good with Turkey.

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