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Will Japan or China intervene in Russia-Ukraine War amid Heixiazi Island Tension? : Russia China War

Why China will intervene in Russia-Ukraine, China, Japan Vs Russia?, taiwan Vs China, EU Vs Russia in Taiwan, China Vs Russia. Heixiazi Island Tension in Asia.


Currently, because of the war between Russia and Ukraine, there has been a situation of war between Russia and NATO, due to which not only NATO and America have become the biggest challenge for Russia but China and Japan are also a big challenge. Every day Russia and China are seen to be pitted against Ukraine and the Western world but still defense experts feel that sooner or later Russia and China may come face to face once again. Due to this the Russian leadership also feels that sooner or later Russia and China may again fight a war due to the Heixiazi Island tension. There is a big century conflict or dispute between Russia and China regarding Heixiazi Island. Russia and NATO feel that due to future RussiaNATO war, China will also attack Taiwan as well as Indo-Pacific and Heixiazi Island. can do. Russia and China have not entered the war for now because both of them are in tension over Ukraine and Taiwan. If China wins the war on Taiwan, then tension can also be created between Russia and Japan. This thing is clearly known to Russia that if there is a war between NATO and Russia, then China can definitely benefit from this war because of which Russia can also provide defense aid to Taiwan or India.

Why China will intervene in Russia-Ukraine, China, Japan Vs Russia?

Actually, both China and Russia have a plan to remove US and NATO countries from Europe and the Indo-Pacific by any means. Due to the US presence in the future, the interest of both NATO and the US towards China may shift if China and Russia both declare war on Hei Xiazi Island. NATO can openly support China and Japan to end the tension between itself and Russia and to end the war with Russia, but for now, Russia and China have done a lot so that no country other than the US can support Japan and China Against Russia. But even if Russia and China have the same intentions regarding America, there is a possibility of a war or Heixiazi Island tension like that of the Soviet Union and China in the future. Because of this, America’s interest seems to be shifting towards China, Russia’s interest towards India, and NATO’s interest towards Ukraine along with China and Japan. But if there is a Taiwan war, Russia and China may come even closer, due to which China will play a bigger role in the war between Russia, Ukraine and NATO.

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