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Will Israel-Egypt Refugee Deal in the Presence of the US and the Middle East? : Israel Rafah War

Will Israel Strike Egypt If Palestinians Join Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas?, Israel-Egypt Refugee Deal, Rafah Israel War, Hamas Vs Israel and Egypt and Middle East War.


Recently Israel has suspended its operation at Rafah Crossing which means that now a historic deal can be made between Egypt and Israel, taking control of Palestinians and Gazans. Recently the Egyptian army has attacked Palestinians at Rafah crossing, in which many Palestinians have been injured. This simply means that the government of Egypt does not want Palestinians to enter Egypt, due to which a new refugee crisis will arise in Egypt. Now it is believed that in the future there may be a refugee deal between Israel and Palestine regarding Palestine. Because Israel’s operation on Rafah puts the lives of millions of Palestinians in danger and Israel and Egypt have no option but to attack Palestine. But for now, the politics between Egypt and Israel regarding the Gazan people is becoming very intense. Due to this, Egypt’s army has also become active to a great extent. Currently, the armies of Egypt and Israel are taking equal action against the people of Gaza, on the other hand, Israel is bombing, and on the other hand, Egypt is also attacking to stop the Palestinians from entering its border.

Will Israel Strike Egypt If Palestinians Join Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas?

So now Israel and Egypt are continuously taking equal action against Palestinians, which makes it seem that the remaining Palestinians still have only one option. In which the first option is to join Hamas, and the second option is the Muslim Brotherhood which are religious group in Egypt that can join together in Rafah in the future to fight against Israel. Now if Egypt and Israel come together and make a peace deal or a refugee deal, then the lives of Palestinians will be saved, otherwise, the war between Israel and Egypt can also reach the international level. Because now Iran and Israel are not a special matter but in the future, there may be a war-like situation between Egypt And Israel. Because Egypt has already said that they will not do any refugee deal with the people of Gaza, on the other hand, Israel is attacking the people of Gaza and forcing them to go to Egypt. This also means that Egypt and Israel may be responsible for a major human crisis in the future, as Egypt and Israel will attack each other under international law. Due to this Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran will get other benefits. Due to this, there will be no special relations between Israel and Egypt. But in the coming future, both Egypt and Israel will be equally responsible for the genocide and humanitarian crisis in Gaza and Palestine. And on the other hand, if Hamas becomes strong again, then along with Israel, Hamas can also become the enemy of Egypt.

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