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Will Iran’s Nuclear Deal will end all conflicts in the Middle East? : Israel Gaza war

Why Iran’s Nuclear Deal is the aim of Israel, NATO, Saudi Arabia UAE, and Europe?, Israel Iran Relation, Gaza hamas war, Why US and Israel face the biggest failure in the Middle East? Arab Vs Iran nuclear Deal.


Well, today we saw that Iran, Israel, Gaza, Yemen, and the entire Middle East are now fighting with other countries. Because till now no country has understood that Iran, Israel, and America will wage war for how long because till now US and Israel have not had a direct war with Iran but it is believed that Iran and Western Country A major war is possible in the Middle East. Currently, former US President Donald Trump has admitted that in the next 2 months or a few more months, Iran will have nuclear power which will become a big challenge for the policies of the US and Israel in the Middle East in the future. Currently in Yemen, Houthi and Yemeni armies are continuously attacking Israeli and Western-based ships, due to which ships or trade routes of every country in the world have been affected. But one thing that is being noticed is that what has been done is that Iran has become so powerful that the US and the UK no country other than the US can attack Yemen or the Iranian Proxy. Iran wants a nuclear deal, Netanyahu wants leadership, the US wants Middle East control and Russia wants the US’s loss. So in such a situation, Iran’s demand is from the US to leave the Middle East. Israel should now not take any action against Iran’s defense and proxies. So the Gaza and Israel war is a very big trap that only Iran can stop.

Why Iran’s Nuclear Deal is the aim of Israel, NATO, Saudi Arabia UAE, and Europe?

And Is Iran, Iraq, Israel, and Hamas not want peace in Caesarea and the Middle East? – And Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, and Iran want the US gone. But the real thing is that Iran is now dreaming of becoming a nuclear power due to the war-like conditions seen in the entire Middle East due to the war between Israel and Hamas. But Israel, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and UAE do not want Iran to have nuclear weapons and the world declares Iran a nuclear-powered country. By the way, the war between Israel and Gaza has now reached Iran, which means that Arabs, Israel, and Europe want to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear power. But it is possible that in the coming few months, all the matters between Israel, Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Iran will calm down and there may also be a ceasefire. But if the US and Israel attack Iran because of Iran’s nuclear deal, Iran can ‘declare a state of war’ and the whole world will suffer politically, economically, and financially. However, making Iran a nuclear-powered country would be no less than the biggest shock for the US, UAE, Gaza, and Israel.

Why US and Israel face the biggest failure in the Middle East?

After Iran gets a nuclear weapons treaty and power, Iran may again stop supporting and funding Hamas, Hezbollah, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. Because it is currently believed that Iran can become the 10th nuclear-powered country in the world, which will be a big challenge for it, the Middle East, and Israel. And US and Israel have come to know that if Iran gets nuclear power then other countries of the Middle East like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, and Yemen can run nuclear plants which will benefit Japan, Russia, and Iran. China and Russia are playing the biggest role in making Iran a Nuclear Powered country and Saudi Arabia and UAE also want to get closer to Russia, Iran, and China which will be a big challenge for the defense of the US and Europe. It is certain that in the future, Iran may stop all its operations in the Middle East, but Iran’s interest in Israel will remain much worse due to Iran’s actions in the Middle East, there will never be normalization between Arabs and Israel.

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