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Will Iran, Saudi, or Israel Buy Fighter Jet from India and Russia in 2024? : Middle East & EU News

Will India sell Weapons to Israel or Iran?, US impose sanctions on India?, Will India Sell Fighter Jets, and Weapons to Gaza and Ukraine War?, MiG-29, MiG-21, and BrahMos missiles, Iran to Buy Russian Fighter Jet Su-35s, Israel to Buy Indian Fighter Jet Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL)? Affect India’s relation in US Europe?


Currently, orders have been given to Russia to buy about 70 Su-35s from Iran, so it seems that Iran, Saudi, UAE, and Israel can also buy Indian and Russian joint-made fighter jets. Saudi, Iran, and UAE do not suffer as much as Israel hunts Hamas and Hezbollah because Israel is an economic partner of Saudi, Jordan, and UAE. Recently, during the IsraelGaza war, we have seen Saudi, UAE, and Iran buying weapons from each other’s friendly countries. But after all this war, the enemies of Israel and Iran are coming out in Gaza and the West Bank, so now any country including Israel and Iran can deal with Fighter Jets made in joint programs with India and Russia. Can Iran buy from Russia and India for Russia-Indian weapons made in India-Russia programs? Will Israel buy weapons from India?, Will India give its weapons to Russia?, Will the US impose sanctions on India?All these questions are quite complicated.

Will India Sell Fighter Jets, and Weapons to Israel or Iran Amid Gaza War?

Iran can have a big role in bringing India, Russia, and Iran together because Iran has ordered Russia to buy 70 Su-35s fighters and this is an opportunity for India to keep Russia’s friendship. Although India is still supporting Pro-Palestine, the USIsraelIndia relationship is also quite strong, so this is more of an opportunity and also a problem for India. Still, India is almost neutral on the basis of the Iran-Israel and Gaza War. If at this time India chooses either Israel or Iran, it can cause trouble for India. But there is an opportunity and that is the India-Russia partnership in weapons development like MiG-29, MiG21, and BrahMos missiles. Currently, Russia is taking its weapons from North Korea and Iran amid the Ukraine War, so if Russia gives weapons and fighter jets to Iran in return, then perhaps this option can be very difficult for India. In any case, I will not be able to do so much if the ‘End Game‘ at the International Level is that India will have to choose a partner who will support them because Iran, the Middle East, Israel, Gaza, Ukraine, Russia, and Europe, all are equal to India.

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