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Will Hamas take over the Gaza and West Bank amid Israel’s ceasefire in 2024? : Israel-Gaza War

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Currently, many countries have expressed their views about a ceasefire between Israel and Gaza but now it is believed that if Iran Vs Israel war does not happen then in the future there can be a permanent ceasefire between Israel and Gaza. It is true that everyone wants a ceasefire between Israel and Gaza so that the humanitarian crisis ends and the Gazan people get a new life. But looking at the recent activity, it does not seem that a ceasefire will be achieved between Israel and Gaza so soon. On one side there is Iran and on the other side there is Palestine and Hamas, but now they all have different stories even though they stand together. Because Iran does not want any country in the Middle East to challenge it. There are also secondly, Syria and Lebanon which have a border crisis with Israel and thirdly there are Gaza and the West Bank where Israel is increasing its colonization. So, due to all this, it does not seem that peace will come soon in the Middle East because now Iran has also prepared to fight Israel to a great extent. So on one hand it is Hamas who can force Israel to operate on Rafah. Because till now no specific ceasefire or negotiations have taken place between Hamas and Israel.

Will Hamas take over Gaza and the West Bank during the war with Israel?

It may seem strange to hear this but from the Israeli defense side, it is believed that the presence of Hamas inside Gaza can pose a future threat to the West Bank and Gazan people like the Taliban, Assad, Iraq, and Yemen. Israeli experts believe that Hamas will continue to use Palestine for its survival, while on the other hand, the Fateh Army and Palestine’s President also believe that in the future, Hamas can become the enemy of their tenure. It is possible that Hamas’s rule can be banned inside Palestine because of the way the Palestinian people are supporting Hamas, they are now unhappy with their current government and are with Hamas. Israel does not want the West Bank to be taken over by Hamas. But on the other hand, it has become very difficult for Israel to eliminate Hamas. It has been said that many civilians were killed in the war, but Hamas is still dominant, so that not think that it will be easy for Israel to eliminate Hamas in this situation. Because now the people of Palestine are also standing for Hamas who can start a new war in the West Bank and Jerusalem in the future. Because of this, it will not make any difference if Israel attacks Gaza, but if Hamas starts taking action not only in Palestine but also in Jerusalem and the West Bank, it will be very difficult for Israel to fight a war on both fronts. It is only because of Hamas that people believe that in the future, Hamas can increase its dominance in the West Bank and Gaza.

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