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Why Saudi Arabia and Middle East Investing in Europe and the US Amid Israel-Gaza War

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In view of Iran and Hezbollah’s recent actions against Israel, America and Europe cannot try to distance themselves from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Qatar, and Iran but after seeing Israel-Iran’s enmity Hamas and Israel in the war. It seems that Saudi Arabia and all the countries of the Middle East that do not want to support Iran are today getting help from Western countries. Also, Saudi Arabia has made huge investments in many sectors of Europe and America, Europe and America to increase Saudi investments on the other side, due to the Israel-Hamas war, they have made many offers to Middle Eastern countries. Saudi to make new business of Billions of USD worth of money can be invested in Europe and America.

Why are Saudi Arabia and UAE investing in Europe and America?

Saudi Arabia has also spent a lot on European and American shares, Bonds, and Real Estate and thus Saudi Arabia and Middle Eastern countries would not want their investments and their planned economic diversification before 2030 to be affected. On one side, there is the IsraelGaza war, Saudi Arabia and UAE do not want their country to be attacked, hence they will try to get closer to US-Israel and want to maintain advanced weapons and military deployment for their countries. A Houthi attack on Saudi Arabia could lead to a new war in Yemen. Saudi Arabia and UAE will try their best to defend themselves because just as Israel has been surrounded by its enemies, on the other hand, UAE and Saudi Arabia seem to be trapped in the waters of Iran. So if anything happens to Saudi Arabia like what happened to Israel then Europe and America will always support Saudi Arabia and Europe will support Saudi Arabia because Saudi investment in their countries will be very important.

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