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Why is the US not interfering in Israel Iran war, the Iranian New AI-driven weapons of 2024? : Israel Iran War

Iran’s new strategic wepons of AI, Robotics, Proxy army and IRGC. Iran developing AI-driven weapons by 2025, US Intervern in Iran Israel War, Iranian Abu Mahdi launch system : Iran Vs Israel.


Recently, a big achievement has been made by Iran which came in the future, human, air, sea, and land launch facilities. Currently, Iranian developments have become possible due to Iranian drones, missiles, and nuclear powers, which can provide AI, robotics, and radar-controlled facilities in the future. Currently, Iran’s Popular Mobilization Forces are using ab AI, an automated and developing strategy in which if there is a war between Iran and Israel in the future, Iran will have many options other than nuclear weapons to use nuclear weapons for Israel. We have written to all of us that before fighting with Iran, the US officially announced that it would no longer interfere in the direct war between Iran and Israel, hence US has to stand against Iran for supporting Israel. They say to the US that it will never support Israel in the war against Iran after Iran intervenes in the Israel and Gaza war but it is also possible that the US could help Israel in defense. Currently, Iran’s Abu Mahdi launch system has created a shock for the weapons of the world because in the future Iran can use AI-driven weapons.

Iran developing AI-driven weapons by 2025, US Intervern in Iran Israel War, Iranian Abu Mahdi launch system : Iran Vs Israel

However, this does not mean that the US has given up on Iran, but it is known that due to the ongoing war with Israel, Iran can block almost 5 international gateways such as the Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, Persian Gulf, Gulf of Oman and Strait of Hormuz can also be blocked in which it can be very difficult for US and Israel to attack Iran. Currently, countries like Russia are purchasing Drones, Missiles, and arms from Iran, because if Iran also buys Russian weapons, it can give a big blow to US and Israel. And just as the US can veto the UN because of Israel’s actions in Gaza, in the same way, Russia and China can also veto because of Iran’s actions against Israel. Therefore, the US does not want that he should get a big blow in his life because of Iran and Israel. On the other hand, if there is an Iran-Israel war, then the proxies, militias, and foreign defense forces of the entire Middle East may also come in favor of Iran. For now, Iran’s new weapons like Azarakhsh, Arash series, Arman anti-ballistic missile system, and Abu Mahdi launch system can also be made AI-driven which can give a big blow to Israel and the US in the future.

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