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Why is Dunki Flop, Salaar top movie against SRK’s Dunki movie in the US and India? : Bollywood movies

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In this year 2023, Shahrukh Khan’s movie has played a role in 2 movies till now, a record has not been made by any Bollywood movie, but Dunki and other Shah Rukh Khan movies have been declared as the best roles in the box office collection. but That Salaar has defeated even the Bollywood King. Currently, the box office of Shahrukh Khan’s movie Dunki has been sung on its first day in front of Prabash’s Salaar in which Prabhas is continuously doing 2X extra box office collection of Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki. Shah Rukh Khan’s movie Dunki is making the lowest box office collection not only in India and Asia but in the entire world. This means that SRK’s fans are convinced that Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki was released in a very short time and people did not even know what is the history behind Dunki. Apart from this, like in Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan and Jawan, no special dialogue, actions, or history have been told in Dunki.

Why Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki Movie Flop or Not Hit, Why Salaar Hit?

All those Shahrukh Khan movies are based on the villages of Gujarat, India, where people are worried about poverty and are ruining not only their village, state, and place but the whole of India. Most of those who choose India go to the US, Canada, and the UK. So some people do border cross and some take huge loans to go abroad and pay money to those top people who offer to go to Canada. And just like the Dunki movie, most of the other parts are funny, and some history has been told but like Salaar, action has not been told for entertainment. By the way, Dunki is the lowest opening movie of Shah Rukh Khan’s Bollywood career. Meaning, the way Shah Rukh Khan’s previous movies like Pathaan and Jawan were in the news before their release. Dunki was not in the news that much, and a very short time, this movie was released. And the same way Prabhas’s movie was postponed due to Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan Ka Aane, in the same way, Shah Rukh Khan’s movie was not postponed before Salaar. All the other movies in the US have been in trend for last 2 months and Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki came suddenly so the fans of Shah Rukh Khan did not even know that Shah Rukh Khan’s other upcoming movies were coming.

Will Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki Earn $100M-$250M on OTT, US Release, and Outside India?

They still have opportunities for Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki on OTT because now big influencers can watch Dunki on Politics, Economy, Business, and human life on OTT. The story of Dunki is related to the small villages of India because this time Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki Movie has taken more history than the action and fun in the life of the people. Right now it seems that the promotion, release, and history of Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki is being understood by the fans of Shah Rukh Khan because this is the first time that people will understand Shah Rukh Khan if Dunki will beat organic ways to Salaar on OTT. The other budget of Dunki is $14M USD (120 crores INR) which is quite low considering Shah Rukh Khan’s fan following. This movie can earn around $60M USD (500 crores) INR in OTT and in the long term.

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