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Why invest in US IPOs, Bear Stocks, and Gold for profit in 2024? : US Stock Market

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Currently, top companies, Startups, Portfolio management, Oil and gas extraction, Transportation, online retail, Energy, Gold, IPOs (Initial Public Offer), and Gold industries have given huge profits. Currently, Saudi Aramco, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft have given the highest profit till 2023 whereas, till 2021-2022, US and Chinese Pharma companies have given profit for the entire 2 years due to coronavirus, SARS COV 2, and little diseases. But now in 2024, huge investors are looking at the United State’s top new IPOs, Energy Companies, Gold, Transportation, and online retail because there are thousands of companies and profitable sources in these industries.

Why we should Invest in US IPOs and newly listed US Stocks?

U.S. IPOs have raised up to $23.64 billion in 2021 and stocks opened in other IPOs, and those who kept allotted IPO shares are still in 2X profit today and they have not fallen that much in other IPO industries. In all IPOs, shares are always available at discount prices of up to 50% and up to 75%. Holding them in the long term brings huge profits to investors and US IPO holders along with better portfolio management. Apart from this, after the listing of your IPOs, you will also get another profit like US-based companies and Global companies if you feel that the stocks of US companies are in bear for the first time after the listing of IPOs. All the big companies are increasing their portfolio management with US IPOs stocks like top investors including Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, George Soros, Tim Cook, etc. Stock investors believe that most of the companies that are involved in IPOs and the companies carrying Stock investors believe that most of the companies that are involved in IPOs and the companies carrying IPOs always bring new hope to the global stock market.

Why is Saudi Aramco investing in ETFs and IPOs?

Recently, according to internet sources, it has been revealed that top investors like Saudi Aramco, Warren Buffet, and Elon Musk are now investing in IPOs, Transportation, Energy, EFTs, and gold-backed businesses. Now we are seeing a bullish trend in USD and US Stock in IPOs and Forex. Top big investors across the world are investing money in IPOs, Energy, and Global Transportation stocks. Recently, Aramco Hong Kong and Saudi’s Vision 2030 have been planning to invest a huge amount in IPOs. Startups, Energy, Technology, Finance, Insurance, Trades and Forex.

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