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Why did Iran attack Pakistan amid the Iran-Iraq war in Iraq and Syria? : Iran Vs Pakistan War

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Currently, Iran has continuously attacked Pakistan with ballistic missiles which are being fired, now it is believed that the beginning of war between Iran, Israel, Syria, Gaza, Yemen, and Hezbollah has reached Iran and Pakistan. Because recently, due to the terrorist attack on Kerman in Iran, Iran is now quite actively launching missiles on the borders, in order to take revenge for the terrorist attack in Kerman, now Iran is attacking Balochistan, Irbil, Kurdistan, and other parts of Syria. Mossad, ISIS, and American interest attacks are wreaking havoc. At the same time, Iran feels that due to Israeli spying, ISIS, and American interest in Pakistan too, now Iran has accepted that in future US and Israel can attack from Pakistan’s Balochistan. And all the same naval drills of Iran and Pakistan are going on and are visible in the Persian Gulf and near the sea of ​​Iraq. Iran attacked Pakistan, Iraq, and Syria for the first time with Iranian ballistic missiles, which seems to have hit Israel’s business and interests in the Middle East.

Why did Iran attack Pakistan, Iraq, or Syria, Will Iran send a strong Message to the US and Israeli Interests in the Middle East?

Although, from the ongoing Navy drills of Iran and Pakistan, it does not seem that Pakistan will take revenge for Iran’s attack on Balochistan, one thing is certain. The thing is that Iran now wants to give a strong message to Israel and Iraq through Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, and Pakistan. This means that the US wants Pakistan to use its soil and now Iran has warned Pakistan by attacking anti-Iranian militants living in Pakistan’s Balochistan that if Pakistan sides with the US or Israel between Israel, the US, and Iran. Yes, Iran can attack Pakistan also in the future. Now it seems that the US needs space for the US Army from Afghanistan and Pakistan in the Middle East war. and hence Iran would not want Pakistan to side with the US like UAE and Saudi Arabia due to this political or retaliation situation going on between Israel and Iran. The friend is also that now Iran wants to send a message of its own power to the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia that if Iran is attacked by anyone including the US and Israel then Iran will retaliate immediately.

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