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Why China and Pakistan Coming Closer in Jammu Kashmir, Indian Election 2024, War in JK? : India Vs Pakistan War

Russia vs US in Jammu and Kashmir?, Why did India, Pakistan, and China take over in Jammu Kashmir’s politics, economy, and Union parts?, Pakistan Vs India and Afghanistan, China Vs India, Jammu Kashmir fighter vs Indian Army.


Recently I have come to know that China and Pakistan are trying to get closer to Jammu and Kashmir due to which relations between India, Pakistan, and China may deteriorate. Currently, Pakistan and China can jointly open many corridors and networks for China like Taiwan, economic crisis, China buying gold, and development. Which, besides being very profitable, is also going to be complicated because India is also increasing its development under Jammu and Kashmir (JK) and Ladakh. Currently, there is also growing economic, financial, and defense tension between China and Taiwan in which China and Pakistan together with Jammu Kashmir, POK, IOK, and Ladakh continue their actions to keep the US and India away from interfering in Taiwan. Recently, due to India’s increasing political role in Jammu and Kashmir, China and Pakistan are now preparing for big action against India. Because pro-Indian political parties of India are now joining hands with local parties to establish their dominance in Jammu and Kashmir so that in the future they can have complete control over Jammu and Kashmir and want to eliminate the role of Jammu and Kashmir from China and Pakistan.

Why did India, Pakistan, and China take over in Jammu Kashmir’s politics, economy, and Union parts?

However, China, Pakistan, and India have their own roles in Jammu and Kashmir, where they are dealing with people and groups of people there to create a part of their country so that in the future they can play their respective roles in Jammu and Kashmir. But now the way China and Pakistan are continuously increasing their interests in Jammu and Kashmir, it is not only beneficial for them but the biggest benefit will be for China and Pakistan because of their trade, networks, and their dominance worth Billions of USD. Currently, according to some media and internet reports, India, Pakistan, and China are increasing their defense, army, and military equipment along the LAC or LOC along Jammu and Kashmir. There is the possibility of proxy and direct war between India, Pakistan, and China in the future, in which Ladakh for China and IOK (Indian Occupied Kashmir) for Pakistan and POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) for India and Ladakh is the biggest challenge. However, due to war, Afghanistan can also enter it due to security and defense weaknesses. Among all, China, Pakistan, and India will not directly attack any other areas or military sites, only Jammu and Kashmir all have their own proxy groups that have the power to attack each other in the future. Not only China, Pakistan, and India’s interest in J&K may increase but also Afghanistan’s and America’s interest in it may increase. Because recently we have seen in the Israel and Ukraine war that the US always uses battlefields to surround its type of superpower countries and Russia also did not miss it.

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