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Why Arab League fear Hamas retaliation, Saudi UAE, and Netanyahu Want Israel to Destroy Hamas

Saudi Arabia, UAE and Arab League Want Normalization with Israel, and Destroy of hamas, Saudi and Netanyahu Want Israel to Destroy Hamas. Why do Saudi and UAE want to destroy Hamas and Iranian militias?. Hamas will retailiate once against Israel, Arab countries fear about Hamas.


Some Iranian media claim that in a private meeting between Saudi, UAE, and Israel, it was told that Saudi Arabia itself wants Hamas to be eliminated from Israel. Recently a news came to know that Saudi Arabia also wants Hamas to be eliminated and Gaza to strengthen its democracy with a ProPalestinian Party Fateh. Because Saudi Arabia also wants Hamas to be destroyed so that normalization can happen with Israel and Arabia. Because Saudi and UAE feel that Hamas is a pro-Iranian group that acts only under the direction of Iran, it is a threat to Saudi, UAE, and Jordan along with Israel. And anyway, the IsraelGaza war cannot cause any harm to Saudi Arabia and Israel. In this situation, Hamas is also not going to move from its place because it also wants the longer the war against Israel to continue, the more normalization will not happen for Arabs and Netanyahu.

Why do Israel, Saudi Arabia, and UAE want complete Destroys of Hamas?

Why do Saudi and UAE want to destroy Hamas and Iranian militias?

Because if there is a ceasefire between Israel and Gaza, then apart from the politics of Netanyahu and Israel, the Arab League countries will also suffer losses. Saudi Arabia and UAE also believe that if Israel does not destroy Hamas, then there will never be normalization between Israel and Arab countries. Many countries believe that Saudi Arabia and the UAE have given a big message to the US and Europe by welcoming Russia, but both the UAE and Saudi Arabia want Gaza to be controlled by the Palestinian Government in addition to Hamas. Although prolonging this war is beneficial for Iran and Hamas, it will pose a lot of difficulties for the Saudi, UAE, and Arab League.

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