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Who Will Run as Candidate after Trump Colorado Disqualifies in 2024? : US Election 2024

Trump Disqualifies for US Election 2024, Who will next Trump’s Candidate to run US Election?, Republican will loss US Election 2024, Who Will win US Election 2024?, top next US presidential Candidate after Trump’s Disqualifies Will republican party make Mike Pence, Nikki Haley, and Mike Pompeo as a eleciton run, Vivek Ramaswami will win 2024. wars, economic crises, and unemployment in Biden Administrations.


Apart from Vivek Ramaswami, there are also presidential candidates in the Republican party like Trump, Ron DeSantis, Mike Pence, Nikki Haley, and Mike Pompeo who have said that they can win the US Presidential election if Trump does not win the first US election. All US Presidential candidates like Vivek Ramaswami, Nikki Haley, and Mike Pompeo are looking forward to now but for now, the IsraelHamas War, Ukraine-Russia, and geopolitics are going on US’s influence and other problems for the US are Inflation and interests. And because of the tax rate, this is no less than a defeat for the Democratic party. However, US people believe that now they can vote for some other party which will be very important for them. Trump’s disqualification by the Colorado Supreme Court is a big blow to his 2024 election. So now it depends on Trump as to whom he will make the US Presidential Election candidate from his side because his special ones are Mike Pence and Mike Pompeo.

The way major changes have taken place in the Democratic Party, such as wars, economic crises, and unemployment, did not happen during Trump’s time because American people believe that whether Trump is right or wrong depends on his actions. What is Trump’s attempt to bring peace in countries like North Korea, China, Ukraine, Russia, the Middle East, etc., as Biden did do? – So now according to which, the ongoing global tension during Biden’s tenure has created inflation-like situations within his people and the world. Because the same thing happened during Obama’s time also. So the American people do not think that global peace will come with a democratic government. But now there is no other face in the Republican Party other than Trump who can be made the presidential candidate for that election. Now Nikki Haley has been under the spotlight of Republican party leaders because Nikki Haley supported Israel in the recent IsraelHamas war and it seems that Nikki Haley may get more support from inside the US. . But Vivek Ramaswami is no less because the way Vivek Ramaswami is influencing the US candidates, it does not seem that anyone other than Vivek Ramaswami will be able to run the Presidential Election after Trump.

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