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Which Country or laws have to intermediate for the end of Ukraine Russia War? : NATO Vs Russia

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Currently, due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, many countries believe that the war between Russia and Ukraine will be longer due to which we all are reminded of Syria, Iraq, and the Cold War. For now, Russia and Ukraine are fighting a war, but Russia has increased its military presence in many areas of Ukraine, due to which it does not seem that Ukraine will survive the war for long. If we talk about stopping Putin and Ukraine, this is no longer possible because Russia has recently announced that Putin now has the power to attack NATO. But if there is a war between Russia and NATO, then many countries will suffer losses in the future, which will also benefit Russia. If there is a war between Russia and NATO, Putin will have to send maximum troops, defense, and military to the Baltic Sea, Black Sea, and the Sea of ​​Azov, which will enable him to target poor NATO countries.

Who will end the war between Russia and Ukraine, When Ukraine and Russia war will be a ceasefire?

Actually, in a recent survey, it has been said that this war will be stopped only if there is a ‘peace agreement‘ between Ukraine and Russia. They have the power to end this war between Russia, Ukraine, and Politics in which either Zelenskyy will remain in power or Putin will remain because the people of Russia and Ukraine have now also seen why they are fighting to war. Actually, Putin has the support of 80% of the general public in his country, due to which Putin has not yet accepted defeat in the Ukraine War. But if the current politicians within NATO and America do not remain in power, then Ukraine may face a major blow from NATO sanctions. But now there are people within Ukraine who support Russia and on the other hand, there are those who support US and NATO. In such a situation, the people of Ukraine are also not united, so it is believed that the Ukraine-Russia war can end only after a major political change. Due to this NATO, China, Russia, and other countries are no longer showing their interest in the Ukraine and Russia war.

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