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US to send $10 Billion USD to Iran in 2024, Iranian Economy and Sanctions on Iran : Israel Iran War

Why Us paying $10 Billion USD to Iran?, Why did the US freeze Iranian, Russian, Chinese, and North Korean Reserve Funds?Iranian Economy and Sanctions on Iran, Iranian Forex Reserve, Middle East trade in Chinese Yuan.


Currently, some US media is claiming that just as the US provides defense aid to Israel and Ukraine, the US will now provide approximately $10 Billion USD to Iran in 2024. Actually, it has always been an enemy of Iran politically and is also the biggest ally of Israel. Iran also knows that the US has frozen a huge amount due to all the trades taking place in USD and international funds. Currently, a lot of America’s Sanctions have been imposed on Iran due to which the US pays Iran billions of USD every now and then in EMIs till the impact on Iran’s economy and Iran has lost a lot of Assets without caring for anyone. Oils and International reserves are now gradually being given to Iran. This funding given to Iran does not cost a single penny of America’s own money or taxpayer’s money, it is the money that Iran itself earns by selling oil, gas, and petroleum in the international market. But the difference is that the US has sanctioned all the banks, international navigation, and trade of Iran. Due to this, US every time gives Billions of USD to Iran so whatever the US has frozen has been done to shock Iran so that Iran can bow before the US. But whatever money the US gives to Iran monthly and annually is in Iran’s reserve account because it means that when you trade against the US in USD. in the international market, the US has the right to Freeze the funds so that Iran never again goes against the US. If Iran decides to make a Nuclear Bomb and re-establish relations with Israel then the US will remove all the sanctions on Iran but Iran is adamant that it wants to become a nuclear-powered country even if the US freezes all its reserves.

Why did the US freeze Iranian, Russian, Chinese, and North Korean Reserve Funds?

Whatever Iran exports to Japan and South Korea, its money is in USD because South Korea also has the option to trade between South Korea and Iran in the US market. Due to this, the US has to come forward in every war so that it can keep an eye on global supply and demand. But now because of Iran, Russia, and China, all trade is being done in gold and Chinese Yuan, hence Iran cannot be blackmailed to that extent. Because the US is seen to have the world’s largest forex reserve, the US can harm the economy of any country in the future through all trades other than USD. As of now, Cuba has also requested that they are now going to strengthen their economic relations with the US. And many people believe that the US is funding Iran but this is not the case at all because the US is returning the money from its trade to Iran and not from its own pocket. But that is why the US is paying the money to Ukraine from his own pocket and from the US taxpayer whose debt due to Israel and Ukraine is continuously increasing. The US has not yet given any special help to Iran the way it has given to Israel and Ukraine. Now Iran’s money is being returned to Iran which the US has kept frozen for the last years. The US and Israel also fear that Iran wants to use its money to make a nuclear bomb, but most of the money that the US has given to Iran has been used against Israel and the US. This clearly shows that Iran will no longer make any deal with the defense of its country and will go even more against Israel and the US. But now due to the Russia and Ukraine war and the Crude Oil, Petrol, Gas, and Trade Route crisis in the whole world, now US will pay $10 Billion USD to Iran so that more such relations can be established with Iran in the future.

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