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US to buys Israeli Shares from Hamas in 2024, US Election 2024, Israeli Stocks : Israel Stock Market

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Currently, there is no sign of stopping the war between Israel and Hamas and because of all of this, most Israeli companies, stocks, and financial services in the Middle East are losing money day by day. Recently there has been a great interest among European investors in Israeli shares and the stock market. For example, the Israeli stock market has been closed since the Hamas attack on 7th October. So Israeli companies are still feeling a huge financial threat from Hamas. Before the Hamas attack on 7th October, many Israeli companies had given loans to Hamas for stock and trading which were for the Palestinians working in Israel. Due to the same action, Hamas was forced to short Israeli top stocks and shares and since then a huge decline has been seen in the Israeli stock market.

Will Israel Hamas war end, US and Europe buy Israeli Stocks from Hamas?

And now news is coming that the US and Europeans want to make a huge stake and investment in Israel’s stocks and companies so that whenever the Hamas war in Israel ends, most of the investments in the Middle East will come to Israel. Western countries want their profits to continue increasing. There are many chances of ending the war like US Sanctions, US elections, and Western boycotts which can affect Israeli civilians and force Netanyahu to Ceasefire. By the way, it will definitely matter in those meetings that because of that and Europe’s failure, the Israel-Gaza war is still going on. Still, many big investors feel that Hamas has a big stake in Shorts Selling, Israeli Stocks, and Financial services which will be very beneficial for the US, Saudi, Iran, and Europe to invest in Israel.

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