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US Senate Approves $1 Trillion USD for Taiwan, Israel, and Ukraine in 2024 : US Debt

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Recently, after the US Senate rejected $50B USD funds for Israel, it seems that the US Senate has once again provided $95 billion in defense and financial aid to Ukraine, Taiwan, and Israel. Because currently the US Senate has already given aid worth almost $200b USD to Israel and Ukraine and in the future, due to the war in Israel and Gaza, it is going to provide aid worth billions of USD to the United States. The country that is giving the most aid to Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan is the United States, but in the future, before the US Elections, the United States will give total aid worth almost $1 Trillion USD to Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan. Approving US aid to Israel, Taiwan, and Ukraine simply means that the war between China-Taiwan, Israel-Arab, and Ukraine vs Russia will not end for a long time. Currently, the United States Senate has already given more than $100b USD to Ukraine and Israel, which means that in the future Israel will be fully prepared to fight with Egypt and Taiwan with China. Although there is no rift between Netanyahu and Biden now, keeping Israel as a friend of the US in the Middle East has also become important for the Western countries. Recently the US has offered Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan to borrow at lower rates than commercial US banks.

why does the US Provide Aid at lower rates to Israel, Taiwan, and Ukraine?

All US giving loans, aid and financial support to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan means that in the future there is a possibility of war like Israel vs Egypt and Taiwan vs China. This could happen if the Red Sea, Syria, Iraq, and Egypt fight with Israel, and United States forces could move their military bases from Taiwan and the Middle East in the future. At the same time, the US would not want to have to jump into a war with Iran, China, Russia, and the Middle East. If the United States Senate can continue to pass large aid bills for Israel, Taiwan, and Ukraine which are losses to the global economy, exports to the United States will skyrocket. In the future, the United States military and bases can also be withdrawn from Taiwan, the Middle East, and Europe, which can create tension between Europe, Asia, and Africa in the future. it is possible that the Arab-Israeli war may also start which could create a lot of tension in the Middle East in the future. The United States can further extend its democratic aid term if the US military withdraws from Taiwan, the IndoPacific, and the Middle East. This means that US aid from one side is not only a threat to global developments, economy, and defense but the elections to be held in the US will also be greatly impacted.

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