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US Sanctions can be lifted from Iran by 2025, Iranian Currency (IRR) skyrocket : Israel-Iran War

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Currently, due to US sanctions, Iran’s currency Iranian Riyal has fallen to such a low level that it has greatly impacted Iran’s economy, exports, imports, trades, foreign ties, and financial sectors. In such a situation, it seems that by 2025, Europe and other Western sanctions imposed on Iran can be removed. However, due to the huge economic, trade, and various types of US sanctions imposed by the US and the Western World. the currency of other countries in the Middle East has increased 10X, and the currency of countries like Iran, Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon has also fallen a lot. Due to this, not only the economy of the US, Europe, Iran, and the Middle East has become unstable but it has also had a huge impact on the relations, developments, wealth, and foreign trade of Iran-friendly countries. However, there is no significant trade, economic, and financial partnership between the US and Iran, but Asia, European, and African countries have also seen the biggest economic losses from Iran’s perspective. But Iran’s coming closer to Russia and China and Russia’s waging war on Ukraine is impacting it and the Western world more. Before 2014, Iran’s currency Irr was considered to be the top currency which was approximately $1 equal to 24 IRR (Iranian Riyal) which was quite strong.

Why US and Europe will lift Sanctions from Iran in 2025?

The current situation shows that the US and Europe, along with Russia, Iran, and China are gaining momentum while many other BRICS countries are improving their economic, forex, exports/imports. On the other hand, the US also does not want the top developing countries to join BRICS so that the dominance of the USA and the Western world remains. And in such a situation, the US and Europe definitely need Iran’s support for its next dominance, because if the Israel & Gaza war ends in the future. So there are huge opportunities to build geographic, trade, and economic partnerships with Iran. it is important for everyone to end the political war between Iran and Israel, but if Israel and Hamas continue to fight like this then Iran and the US can never come together. On one hand, the US is also purchasing oil, petroleum, and gas from Russia, knowing that it has imposed sanctions on Russia. Due to this, if China and India continue to purchase oil and energy from Russia, then Israel and the Gaza War will be US forced to end it. Now Europe and the Western world are facing losses due to US sanctions imposed on Russia, Iran, and many countries of the Middle East while Russia, China, and India are benefiting. Due to this, the US has no interest in trade with Iran but it is also important for it to maintain USD and US-backed International Currency. Because lifting sanctions against Iran will make it easier for the US to counter China, Russia, and the countries of the Middle East. Because economic, traders, exports/imports, developing and strategic partnerships with Iran are profitable to a great extent. If the US does not lift sanctions with Iran or does a nuclear deal, the war with Israel will not stop but the increasing number of BRICS countries can cause a lot of trouble for the US in the future.

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