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US may send Nuclear Submarine to Europe, Russia Cuba Submarine : Russia NATO War

Why Will the US attack Cuba, Impose Sanctions, and Spy on the Gulf of Mexico to Counter Russian Cuban Nuclear Submarines?


Recently, Russia sent its largest nuclear-capable submarine to Cuba, due to which both US and NATO have become angry. Because Americans believe that this step by Russia and Cuba can pose the biggest threat to the US. Now it seems that in the future, the US can also send its nuclear submarines to Poland, Sweden, Moldova, and Turkey. It is being said that due to the Ukrainian war, there can be a war between NATO and Russia which can pose the biggest threat to America, Britain, France, and Poland. So while Russia and North Korea’s nuclear preparations are going on, it is now being said that Russia and America are facing new Nuclear War Challenges. So now Russia sending its nuclear submarine to Cuba is like provoking America in Ukraine and Poland. But now America is also taking advantage of countries like Poland, Sweden, Turkey, and Moldova to protect its dominance and its existence from Russia and Cuba attacks so that it can deal with Russia in the future. Keeping Cuba’s Russian Nuclear Submarine will force America to impose more sanctions on Cuba so that the American Navy can monitor Cuba and Russia in its airspace.

Why Will the US Attack Cuba, US Sanctions, and Spy on the Gulf of Mexico to Counter Russian Cuban Nuclear Submarines?

Although the American Gulf of Mexico is a very strategic place from where it can monitor Cuba and Russia’s activities. But now in the future, the US and Mexico can jointly conduct military exercises in the Gulf of Mexico, due to which a strong message will be sent to Cuba. Because America does not want Iran’s strength to increase by Russia’s influence in Cuba and Venezuela. However, America can further bolden its interests in Guyana, Mexico, the Bahamas, and the Dominican Republic. In this way, Russia and Iran are also increasing their interest in Southern America due to which they can wage a big war against America in the future. So in the coming time, the US President can spend billions of USD on military for his existence so that he can defeat his neighborhood enemies in the future. In which pro-American can be aid, sanctions can be anti-American, and military expenses can be further increased.

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