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US May Send F-22 Raptor to Pakistan Amid War In South Asia : Iran-Pakistan War

Pakistan Buys F22 Raptor, Why US Sells American F22 Raptor Fighter Jets to Pakistan?, War in South Asia, Iranian Shahab-3, Pakistan Iran War in Arabian Sea, Persian Gulf, and Indian Ocean. Baloch Liberation Front (BLF) vs Jaish al-Adl.


Currently, Pakistan’s Air Force has bombed about 7 other places in Iran, which seems to be possible. In the future, Iran may also try Iranian Shahab-3 to target the Jaish al-Adl terror group hidden in Pakistan. People have the power to declare war between Pakistan and Iran. This war is taking place between Iran and Pakistan in the Arabian Sea, Persian Gulf, and Indian Ocean. Because now elections of both Pakistan and Iran are about to come, it seems that the elections of both countries can be postponed and it is possible that war can be declared between Iran and Pakistan on terrorism. Similarly, Pakistan has taken action against Iran-backed terror group Baloch Liberation Front (BLF), although this case is being done against illegally silenced terrorists in another country, so it seems that Neither Iran nor Pakistan will declare war.

Why Will Pakistan Buy American F22 Raptor Fighter Jets?

However, Pakistan can create a huge opportunity for Israel and the US to wage a proxy war against Iran and provide Military Aid, Defense, and Fighter Jet to Pakistan because the US and Israel want to surround Iran. Because Iran not only attacked Pakistan but also attacked Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan simultaneously. So now if there is a war between Iran and Pakistan then Afghanistan can also fight the war because the Taliban and Pakistan can now become allies of America in place of Iran. But now it seems that the action of Iran and Pakistan has the potential to spoil the relations between other countries. If peace agreements are made between the two countries, Pakistan can take action on Jaish al-Adl and Iran can take action on the Baloch Liberation Front (BLF). if Pakistan and Pakistani militia groups themselves attack Israeli-backed Jaish al-Adl, it will be the biggest blow to Israel and America. US, Saudi Arabia, the European Union, and Israel may support and provide aid to Pakistan if the Iran-Pakistan War happens.

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