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US may Allow Visa-Free Entry for Khalistanis to counter India amid Israel-Hamas War : US Visa

US Visa Free Entry for Khalistan, Israel-Hamas War, US Foreign Policy, US Election 2024, Why US & Canada Planning to offer visa-free entry to Khalistani supporters?.


Currently, America’s foreign policy and presence of Iran, Israel, Russia, and Gaza is suffering a lot and till now US Congress has also accepted that according to American policy. Democratic party will have a massive loss in the upcoming US elections. Currently, millions of people from South American countries are coming to the US and Canada and regarding this, Trump also said that he wants to completely secure the border of Mexico and Canada adjacent to the US so that the entry of immigrants does not happen. But now US is not seeing any difference between the border and immigrants, so they want to give Visa-Free Entry to a few selected people for the benefit of their political or foreign policy. Although no country has given offers for Visa-Free Entry or Immigrant without any meaning, it seems that due to the political powers of Sikhs, the support of the Khalistani people is being seen in the US elections. It can be that Khalistan supporters can be very important politically for the US and Canada so in such cases Sikh and Indian pro-Khalistani people can be visa-free in Canada and the US. And US also needs a very big supporter in the matter of Ukraine and Israel which is completely pro-American but India’s stance has always been neutral because the US and Canada can take political actions against India because of Khalistan.

Why US & Canada Planning to offer visa-free entry to Khalistani supporters?

As far as Khalistan is concerned, India, the US, the UK, and Canada are coming face to face but now as per Geopolitics, the US’s war with Iraq, Israel, Russia, North Korea, and Ukraine is going on, it seems that US -India can also be spoiled by Khalistan. Due to Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, relations between India, US, and Canada are deteriorating. and we have already seen its effect where after the death of Khalistani leaders, Khalistan Movements are once again establishing themselves and it is believed that The upcoming elections of the US and India in 2024 can also be affected by this. Some people and experts believe that Gurpatwant Singh Pannun is also being held responsible for the situation in the Parliament of India – Although the attack on the parliament is still under investigation among others in India, it is believed that Gurpatwant Singh Pannun may spoil the relations between India, Canada, and the US in future. And till now Sikh Leaders are in very big political positions in the US and Canada and for countries like the US and Canada the support of the Khalistani people is necessary otherwise there are chances of any party losing in the US and Canadian elections. And in such a case, perhaps it seems that Canada can give visa-free entry to Khalistani or Indian-Origin Sikh people.

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