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US Homeless rate surge 15% in 2023, US planning to Stop funding Ukraine and Israel : Israel Hamas War

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The currently ongoing war with Ukraine, Israel, Hamas, and Russia is very bad for the lending and funding department of the US because the Homeless rate in the US is continuously increasing due to the ongoing wars. Currently, US homeless people believe that unless the US ends its involvement in Israel or Ukraine or any war, the US has a chance of increasing its homeless rate to almost 20% by 2024. So in this way, we can understand that if the US government does not think about its people then by 2030 the US will completely fall into 1000% debt. Because currently, most of the people in the US who pay maximum taxes on business, financial, and transportation believe that there are more chances of increasing taxes in the US in the next 5 years and they want their taxes to be lower.

Why US becoming the world’s top Homeless country amid Israel, Ukraine, Hamas, and Russia Wars?

Because they believe that their government’s funding of war is a new economic, recession, and inflations tension for many countries. Because more and more of the US tax is being used in wars and economic wars, although US companies are benefiting from it, homelessness is being created for the common people of the US. According to which US wants that the Middle East, Europe, China, India, Japan, and the African Union should also have to face losses like mine but the biggest loss is being suffered by the US and its allies. Because taxes will increase in the US, recession, unemployment, and inflation will also increase. In this way, the people of the US have protested many times and said that their taxes should be used in their own country and not in the war between Israel and Ukraine. Because the new generation of the US believes that this kind of foreign policy of US will cause great harm to the new generations of the US. and because of all these politicians, there can be a lot of Unemployment, Jobless and Inflation in the US which will affect only the new generation.

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