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US home sales fall, house prices, and bank interest rates are rapidly surging in North America

Home for sale in USA, bank Interests, US home prices are falling, why Apartments & Interests are surges?, most houses in US are staked for home loans, Houses sales in villages, urbans are falling, world’s top richest are invsting in top US states in home and house.


In history, for the first time United States House, apartment prices rapidly surged, but the fall of demand for houses in villages, urban and near the city is about 2 of 10 KM areas. In a report from Real Estate property dealers and trades of houses and builders are thoughts the price of homes is dropping and rapidly falling the prices whether the demand for apartments and street houses are rapidly growing in prices, tax, and interests of banks.

Why US home prices are falling rapidly, and why Apartments & Interests are surges?

The Investors of homes in the US are mostly alternatively looking for Apartments, banks, and investing out of the United States to earn a massive profit in tax-free or lowest Tax countries like UAE, Singapore, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Oman. Where the US investors and property dealers of real estate digital investors are looking for the EU, South America, and the Middle East to spend millions of USD to make expensive places in abroad the US. The Banks of the USA are recently losing their national and international support they can’t manage funds and some rules or regulation are recently crackdowns on the banks in the United States. The top richest persons can afford US homes to buy instantly in California, New York, Washington, and Texas, Near the Canada border & Mexican border state of the US, but the middle US states are the cheapest home for sale.

Why old & expensive homes are staked for loans in the USA?

In the report, the most number of homes that sold out from the hands of Real Estate dealers are now finally in the hand of lenders and mortgage loan providers who gave the loan to that house instead of selling facility and gave upto 85% of loan and landlord can’t sell any company who is digitally or physically sells the houses through brokerage and commission. In the US, most house lords are renting their houses, apartments, and building to earn massive income monthly but the loans on the home, house rapidly increase in interest, banking charges and etc because of the Home loan.

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