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US going Bankruptcy and BlackRock capturing global banks and economy : US Economy

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The world’s top economy country US going to become a new bankrupt in the world with a huge amount of debt, financial crisis, economic crisis, and interest rates on the national treasury. US Senate, US Congress person, and the financial sector and investors believe that the US may face a new bankruptcy. There are many reasons for this, such as the UkraineRussia war, maintaining the Iraqi army in the Middle East, the proxy war between Iran and Israel, and the ground war between Hamas and Israel. There is war in any country but if Russia, China, and India are benefiting from that war then America wants like to engage each other in the war with the countries with the fastest economy and increase the USD and America’s help in the war. Because in this case, it is a big win for America to send money or aid from a small country, whether it is development funds or an environment of war.

How does America Earn massive money from abroad?

Instead, America’s money is spent more on war, economic aid, and corridors, which they want to help America’s future wherever there is war in the world. Humanitarian aid, economic aid, loans, and sending troops are very beneficial for America. because if America gives any kind of help to that country, then in return their country will take possession of things like corridors, natural gas, and oil production so that they can expand their business. By the way, America earns a lot more if it wants to give economic help to any country because, on the one hand, it is improving the dollar and strengthening the financial conditions.

Why is America going bankrupt and BlackRock controlling the world?

Although America spends the most money on war, economy, and financial sectors, it is not spent for them but for the small and unstable countries of the world. This is a big problem for America and the American people because the way the debt, interest rate, foreign debt, lending services, and financial sectors are suffering in America, is bad for everyone. The main reason for this is that whenever the US military is involved in providing any kind of funding support, it is clear that the US treasury is the most affected and to stabilize and develop the US treasury, the US can only resort to war or The people of own country have to bear the highest taxes, unemployment, and losses. But only big banks are benefiting from this and BlackRock is the largest company in the world that runs many banks within itself. If a country earns most of its money from overseas countries then it seems that the economy of the US country will always be secure and debtfree but here the US has the highest debt and that too is more than the national GDP. It also seems that it will be controlled by big banks in the next few years because the US Congress may face a shortage of funds.

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