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US, France, UAE, and Saudi Arabia’s investing and Funding soars in Yemen amid Israel-Gaza War : Israel Houthi War

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Recently, big investment news has come out in the ongoing IsraelGaza war in which the countries that are supporting Israel till now are now trying to ally with Yemen and strengthen it. In which France, UAE, and Saudi Arabia are at the forefront. Recently, it has come to light that France, UAE, China, and Saudi Arabia are now planning to increase their investments in Yemen. In addition to the ongoing proxy wars between Israel and Iran, the Houthis have launched attacks on Israel in very different ways, which even the US, Israel, Saudi, and China are unable to stop. However, the recent war between Houthi and Yemen Army in Yemen is likely to end. On the other hand, Iran is also close to Saudi Arabia, so it seems that there will be not only investment from Saudi Arabia, UAE, China, France, and the US in Yemen but there are also chances of building corridors, transportation, and Chinese investment. After 2020, due to offshore investment in Yemen, infrastructure, and the Red Sea, big countries are investing in Yemen but due to France’s failure in Africa, investment from France in other Africa is declining.

Why are Europe and the US investing in Yemen amid the Houthi-Israel crises?

France and Africa have been Yemen’s biggest partners, but from the perspective of Houthi and Yemen Army, it seems that the Yemen Government and Houthi are about to unleash their wrath on Israel. Yemen also has an opportunity to keep Houthi under its control during the IsraelHamas war because today Houthi is more powerful than Hamas and due to friendship with Iran, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and Yemen are with Houthi. So in such a situation, because of Israel, the friendship between Houthi, Yemen, Saudi, Iran, and Egypt can become deeper with Europe and the US. In a recent report, it was said that the UAE has left it, France, and China behind by increasing the UAE’s investment in Yemen. So in such a situation, the Houthis and the government of Yemen would like the Houthis to keep fighting Israel and along with Israel, they want to increase their relations with the Middle East. Meanwhile, Yemen is a country where the US, France, UAE, and Saudi Arabia do not have any army or military bases but almost all other countries of the Middle East have military bases in NATO and the US.

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