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US Debt May Reach $50 Trillion By 2025, Inflation in Europe and Middle East : US GDP

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Currently, it is estimated by top financial experts, economy analysis, MetrixPort, and Debt monitoring that in the future by 2025. US debt will be the largest debt in the world which is estimated to be approximately $50T USD. in which the US borrows debt from China, the Middle East, and European countries. Because of China’s increasing economy, the Middle East’s increasing interest in Asia, and rising inflation in Europe, the US is now suffering more than the world in reducing unemployment in its own country keeping the government stable strengthening foreign policy, and providing aid Steps for increasing Debt. And investors, companies, and financial experts believe that that debt is increasing to strengthen the interest rate. Because the US debt has increased to almost $15 Trillion USD since 2019 which has not gone to war in any country in the rest of the world till now we can see with our own eyes that in US, Europe, Middle East or Indo-Pacific how is the situation. And now in the coming years 2024 and 2025, US debt can reach approximately USD $50 trillion.

Why US benefiting from the Europe-Russia and Israel-Gaza War?

Now US’s top banks, Trade, USD, Retail, Finance, business, and transportation have predicted that the US may suffer huge losses in the future because currently US and Australia have more LNG or Crude Oil than Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. The US has more, Oil and Gas production to sell. This is a huge blow for Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Iran because Europe buys gas from Russia in the black market. And it sends it to US LNG so that US sanctions are not imposed and hence the US is also benefiting from it. So now it seems that the US has taken a debt from the whole world to save USD and now the US can never see peace between EuropeRussia and IsraelArab to become the world’s largest Oil and Gas Producer. So I think the US can take more debt in 2024 and for this now US can also stabilize its relations with European Banks, African Banks, and Middle Eastern banks or governments because of the IsraelGaza war. So in such a situation, experts claim that the US debt can go up to about $50 Trillion per cent by 2025.

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