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US Commercial banks and Jeff Bezos sells $AMZN and $MSFT stocks in Financial Year 2024

US Stock to Buy, Best US Stocks, Why US Stakeholders selling $AMZN and $MSFT shares, why Top Assets management firms are buying Bearish US Stocks? Commercial banks and Jeff Bezos sells $AMZN and $MSFT stocks.


Currently, US top companies like Amazon and Microsoft are considered to be the biggest companies in the world. Currently, US banks, Assets Management, and financial data suggest that top US Stock Investors want to sell the stocks of Microsoft ($MSFT) and Amazon ($AMZN) before the US Financial Year 2024. You can estimate this from Jeff Bezos and American banks who have said that in the future, other Bearish or Buying opportunities are coming in the US Stock market which will be the biggest decline in US Stocks in the future. Currently, the situation of the US’s top Endowment Funds, Commercial Banks, Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds, Pension Funds, Insurance Companies and other Employment, Investment, Debt, and Taxes is getting worse due to the situation for US Institutional Stocks holders.

Why are Top US Stakeholders selling $AMZN and $MSFT shares, why Top Assets management firms are buying Bearish US Stocks?

Many experts believe that US top businessmen, CEOs, Top Companies Founders, Mutual funds, Hedge funds, Pension funds, and Insurance companies are now selling all the stocks they bought, making almost up to 75% profit. Due to all this, it seems that in the future other types of companies, investors and stockholders may also sell stocks of US top companies. In the current situation, due to World, Economy, Defense, Inflation, many companies believe that in the future, we may see other major changes in the world or geopolitics, due to which the profits of the companies of many countries will be at risk. Now many investors feel that due to Elections, Recession, Conflicts, Foreign Policy, and Banking tension on one side of the world, stocks and companies in the US and many other countries may suffer losses in the future. In all these cases now top companies in the US, stakeholders, and Assets Managements want that in the future after the US Election, there is going to be a big growth or Stock Bearish in the market.

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