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US Buys $10 Billion Worth of Russian Oil and Coal Amid Ukraine War : Russia NATO War

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Currently, due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, the US and Russia are now looking forward to trade due to which the US will get a lot of profit and Russia and the US can normalize in the future. But Russia is still no less than a threat to Europe. Because Europe used to import more from Russia like Mineral Fuels, Oil, Coal, Iron, and steel now the US is having more interest in the Russian market. Since then the US has imposed maximum sanctions on Russia, hence it is the US, India, Iran, and China who have been importing from Russia, and the US, India, Iran, and China have also benefited the most. But now US and Russia are going to make more business deals because of the Ukraine war in which the US will not have to suffer any more loss than the energy companies of Saudi, Qatar, and the Middle East. Along with this, the US’s Oil Reserve has also been exhausted, so the US would like to have another war in the Middle East and Russia to increase the import of oil so that in the future, the US and Europe can earn profits together.

Why US Buying Russian Energy, Food, Mineral fuels, Pharma, and Metal amid the Ukraine war?

Even though US was the first country to impose sanctions on Russia, now both US and Russia have agreed to trade but there is still a war-like situation between Europe and Russia. And at this time Europe and Russia are not able to trade with each other like the US and Russia are doing with each other. But now it is being said that in the future, if Russia sells 50% of its exports to the US, future US and Russia will become friends and the effect of US Sanctions will be felt only in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Because India and China have also made a lot of profit from Russian resources imports, now if Russia and US start trade then it will be a bit difficult for India and China to stay in the Russian market. Whereas China and India have recently made a profit in reselling imports from Russia, now the US can also impose sanctions on India and China for purchasing Russian Oil because the US itself wants to increase Russian Imports. Because whatever sanctions the US had imposed on Russia, now the US himself will benefit from them and not China, Iran, and India. It is possible that now the US and Europe may purchase Middle Eastern Oil and Energy stocks, and may start a war in Israel, Lebanon, and Yemen to buy oil and energy stocks. And US will earn a profit of billions of USD by purchasing oil from Russia which will also provide defense support to Saudi Arabia in which Saudi, Russia, and the US together can increase the oil prices.

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