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US Bombing Syria and Iraq, Iran’s Retaliation Fear over Red Sea, IRGC Revenge Israel: Israel-Gaza War

Why is Iran not taking revenge for Mousavi (IRGC) and retaliation against Israel? IRGC in Red Sea, Iran Election 2024, Terror Attack In Iran, US Army Withdraw from Middle East, Hezbollah, Hamas, Houthi vs Israel in 2024. Iran’s Retaliation Fear over Red Sea, IRGC Revenge Israel: Israel-Gaza War.


Recently the US has carried out a massive bombing in Iraq’s capital Baghdad in which the leader of the Iranian-Iraqi militia is reported to have been killed and this is the second time that after Israel the US is also bombing Iranian-backed militias. It is possible that massive drone attacks can also be carried out on Damascus, Baghdad, and Idlib because recently Iran has withdrawn its militias from Syria. But the political situation in Iran is still worsening and hence the President of Iran does not want to jump into any war in such a situation because at this time if Iran attacks Israel or the US from Hezbollah, Hamas, Houthi or anywhere else. What is done will bring maximum instability in Iran’s politics. Because now Iran’s elections are on March 1, 2024, which is before the US and now the target of Israel and the US is Iran because of there has been a terrorist attack in Iran, and the US and Israel are continuously bombing Iranian-backed militias. But Iran can further intensify the war between Israel-Gaza and Hezbollah, in which Israel will suffer the most.

Why is Iran not taking revenge for Mousavi (IRGC) and retaliation against Israel?

We can see right now that Iran has reduced the gap between Israel and Gaza, Lebanon and Houthi but now whatever action is being taken by the US and Israel on Iran, will Iran respond to it – so for now. And there will be no Iran retaliation against Israel and the US for the next 2-3 months. For now, if Iran declares a ‘State of War’, there are no chances of victory for Iran’s politics, Geopolitics, and Global Relations, and may it make winning US of Israel. And if we think about it, Iran is taking revenge from the US and Israel by Hezbollah, Hamas and Houthi and there will be no harm to Iran due to the death of Iranian Army or Militia in Iraq or Syria. For now, Iraqi, Syrian, and Iranianbacked groups are carrying out good retaliation against US military bases, so there is no point in Iran jumping into a direct IsraelUS or Gaza war. Iran is playing various plans against the US like winning the hearts of Iraqi, Syrian, and Yemeni people and creating a situation like the US Army Withdrawal against the US. Earlier during the Syria war, Iran was openly attacking Iraq and Syria and against Israel, the US, and ISIS and imposed various types of sanctions on Iran, but now US sanctions are going to be lifted on Iran so there is more benefit for Iran in remaining silent. Even if Israel or the US kept bombing entire Iran, Iran still would not take much action. And in the eyes of the world, the US and Israel will be accused.

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