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US & Arab Sanctions on Israel, Israel occupying Gaza could prove costly?

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The attack on Israel by Hamas is also considered a one-sided terrorist attack, because it is not the entire Middle East that is against Israel, but the actions being taken by Israel are no less than a shock for the citizens of Gaza. Due to this, the UN, the US, and Europe, on one side condemn the attack on Israel, and on the other side, there is no visible difference between the actions taken by Israel on Gaza. There are many countries in Europe that are condemning the action of Hamas but are also raising many questions about Israel’s civilian targeting policy. Such as Spain, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Scotland, Italy, South America, and the Middle East fully support Free Palestine And they believe that together we can reduce the actions taken on Israel, but the way Israel is bombing people today, at least it is clear that Israel wants to take over the Gaza Strip.

Why US, EU, and Middle East not supporting Israel?

The US President and the EU Commission are not planning a future for Israel, because they believe that completely annexing Gaza means evicting the people of Gaza and taking it under their control. A lot of changes have taken place in Israel-Arab and EU relations after the first war, but for now, conducting ground operations in Gaza is quite complicated. Russia, Iran, China, the EU, and America are also targeting Israel due to the killing of civilians in the attack on Gaza. Israel was already ready to attack Gaza but America’s Foreign Minister is going to Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, and Egypt to improve the situation, so it becomes clear whose side America is in the end. Because Israel thought that America would stay with Israel in any situation, but this policy is still in doubt. And now the US President has also warned Israel that conducting a ground offensive on Gaza against Hamas is a defense of Israel but capturing Gaza can lead to a new war.

Can Arab-American sanctions be imposed on Israel?

If Israel still occupies Gaza or targets civilians, then perhaps many countries may make a new appeal to boycott Israel, due to which some sanctions may be imposed on Israel, such as Europe, Russia, China, India, South America, and the Middle East can be boycotted Israel in the countries. Because even in the previous Russia-Ukraine case, sanctions have been imposed on Russia till today, because those who consider Russia wrong can also consider Israel wrong today. If Israel continues to conduct ground operations for a long time, the Arab League and Arab countries can boycott Israel if America or Europe do not impose sanctions on Israel.

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