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US approves biggest defense deal with Germany, Israel, and US made Arrow 3 ready for sale in EU

Arrow 3 Or Hetz 3 anti-ballistic missile system, Germany recieve first Arrow 3 Missiel and US Approved the deal. Russia-Ukraine war, NATO-Russia, top powerful missile of world. Iron Dome vs Arrow 3 in Ukraine-Russia war.


Top Defense projects of hypersonic missile between Israel & US is ready to deal with top developed or Nuclear powered countries like Germany and France to buy the Arrow 3 Hypersonic Anti-Ballistic missile of Israel and America that made the biggest deal with Germany. The President of the United States Joe Biden approved the first deal of Israel-US made Arrow 3 powerful anti-ballistic missile in the defense of European countries. The Russia-Ukraine war is taking longer days to over, but all the nearest countries of Russia are going to forward with increasing their defense sectors to retaliate against future Russian attacks on their country.

Arrow 3 or Hetz 3 is the top Anti-Ballistic Missile for the whole continents of Europe to secure all countries from enemies.

Arrow 3 or Hetz 3 was made in Israeli Aerospace industries to manufacturing the top ballistic missile projects in Israel to have more defense ties with the United States. The United States and Israel are still helping the European countries to provide a new strategic defense system & Air security to protect German and the EU from the future of the NATORussia war with Israeli technology.

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Germans are voted to purchase Arrow 3 from USA & Israel manufactured

As the per study by the germans defense team, most germans are voted for the Arrow 3 AntiBallistic missile to have strength against the enemy of Germany and it might be used in the future with the NATORussian war. Iron Dome is already deployed on Israel’s border to secure the country from enemies and Arrow 3 is the world’s top powerful Missile system to secure whole continents from Nuclear war.

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