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US and Europe will Impose Sanctions on Israel amid Gaza War : Israel Hamas War

US, Europe and South American countries will impose Sanction on Israel, Why US and Europe planning to impose sanctions on Israel?, US Congress, UN, ICC Court will take strict action against Israel.


Many countries have filed a petition in the International Criminal Court against Israel. and the ICC (International Criminal Court) will seek the vote of the international community to prosecute Israel’s PM Netanyahu for the war crimes going on in Gaza under the Israel-Gaza war. In the recent war going on between Israel and Hamas, Israel may have to face international pressure. US and European countries have also supported Free Palestine and it seems that now the US and Europe can impose sanctions on Israel because of the ongoing attacks on West Bank and Gaza civilians. Israel, the US, and Iran never attacked each other countries but are taking their own keep interests from Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Gaza.

Why US and Europe planning to impose sanctions on Israel?

Earlier, Europe and the Middle East used to support Israel the most, but now Europe and the Middle East are keeping their own independent voices in the war against Hamas and Israel. Because they have now realized that if the IsraelIran conflict breaks out, the US, Europe, and Africa will be the direct victims. So, due to this, it and Europe can impose sanctions on Israel together or in their own ways. Now US Congress, the UN, and the International community are voting most against Israel and the US feels that BRICS will make Iran, Russia, and China powerful. However, Israel is not only taking action in Gaza but is also attacking the West Bank, North Galilee, and Golan Heights. Hezbollah in the North, Hamas in the South, and Fatah Army and Resistance in the West Bank are also retaliating to Israel’s attack.

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