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US and Europe reject Visa entry for Israel, Ceasefire in Gaza, US Aid Vs ICJ Case : Israel-Gaza War

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Currently, due to the Israel and Gaza wars, there have been major changes such as the entry of Hezbollah, Iran, Yemen, Syria, and Iraq. And now Gaza seems to be in the middle of Israel’s ongoing war, now the European Union and the US have stopped giving Defense aid, Political Support, and Economy aid to Israel, due to which there is a rift between the US and Europe due to Netanyahu. Now after the Gaza war, Netanyahu seems to be the only one among the Israeli Army and Defense Ministers, because even the Israeli people are against Netanyahu, the US, and Europe. And now the Israeli army and the political party also feel that the US and Europe are reluctant to give defense and economic aid to Israel, due to which there may be a rift between Netanyahu and the army in the future.

Why European Union and the US reject Visa entry for Israel?

Considering that the war between Israel and Iran is now going on between Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and the US, it seems that in the future Israel’s PM Netanyahu can leave the US and the European Union alone. The charges of war between Israel and Hamas and the charges of Genocide are being carried out by Israel’s PM. It is now known that in the future it seems to be the charges of Israel. In the future, the trade and trading routes between Israel, Africa, Asia, and Europe will be severely losses. Now it is becoming difficult for the European Union to do business inside Iran, Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Yemen, the Red Sea or Africa, and Asia. Actually, many European Union, NATO, and American countries believe that the EU and the US are completely trapped in this ongoing proxy war between Israel and Iran. Recently, its debt, inflation in Europe, and economic tension in Asia are increasing due to which Israel is being held responsible. Recently, the leader of Hamas visited Russia. It does not seem that Hamas will back down because even now Hamas is taking action against Israel.

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