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US and EU raising funds to re-develop Gaza amid Israel-Hamas War : Gaza News

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Currently, we are seeing the entry of Iran, Hezbollah, and Houthi in the ongoing war inside Gaza Israel’s IDF chief has said that apart from Gaza, we should also declare a ceasefire among Hezbollah because after Gaza Lebanon has created a new war zone between Israel and Hezbollah. Due to all these, it now seems that the US and Europe can put pressure on Israel to stop the war, in which the US Congress and the European Union want Gaza to be given further development, re-constructions, and economic investment. They also see the key to the US and Europe getting worse in the Israel-Hamas war, which now calls for the US and Europe to establish good relations between Arab-Israel, development of Gaza, Ceasefire, and the future Hezbollah-Hamas war. Want to end the war by putting pressure on Israel and Hamas to stop it.

Why will US Aid for Gaza Construction, and Developments stop the war between Israel, Hamas, and Hezbollah?

And the US Congress can now use the first $100B amount to end the war between Israel and Gaza and for re-development, which can pose the biggest threat to Israel’s politics. Even now the US admits that the war between Israel and Gaza will not stop and in the end, Israel will face a bigger threat than Hezbollah, Houthi, Syrian Assad Army, Iranian IRGC, and Hamas. Because till now Israel is openly doing it in Lebanon, Syria, and Gaza but now the US feels that Israel’s mistake against Hezbollah will lead the whole world into war. Even now Hezbollah is much more powerful than Hezbollah because Hezbollah had defeated Israel in the last six days war and now it seems that like Iran, Hezbollah too has developed a lot with the help of Russia and Iran. And now the political situation in Israel also seems to be getting worse and the petition filed by South Africa against Netanyahu in the International Court of Justice is also in support of Iran and Gaza. Now US, NATO, and top countries of Europe are also raising money for aid and reconstruction of Gaza, so this could be the biggest shock for Netanyahu and Israeli politics.

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