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Ukraine’s arms export policy boycotted in Swiss parlimant & EU countries

EU rejects Ukraine, Swiss boycotted Zelensky, Ukraine Arm Exports & Imports, Germany Investing in Russia, US UK & France Aid Supporting Ukraine. Swiss Politics, NATO & UN on Ukraine.


Ukraine-Russia war is still active on the international stages of europe‘s top countries like Swizerland, UK & France about Arms Exports, Global Support for Ukraine, also Zelensky Urging to Other NATO countries to provide support aid for the citizens, economy and borders. In the Swiss parliment, Zelensky urged about revise of country’s policies on arms exports to Ukraine. Swiss Parliment boycotted Zelensky in Live Videos link conference in some minutes, actually Swiss Parliment can’t support any countries because Switzerland is not a member of NATO but has a Partnership for Peace for all the countries of world mostly including Euporean countries.

Switzerland has many political parties in their Democracy of country, But Switzerland don’t any war with Russia or other countries interference because its a issues between Russia & Ukraine. The Urges of Ukraines are sparked from Swiss Parliment before even it happened.

The Swiss Parliments are discussing about the both countries peace talk but not going to aid any of those countries because its not matter of NATO or tensions between Russia & Switzerland. Zelensky urged to all the members of Swiss Parliments about allow the Exports from other countries to Import in Ukraine to take further actions against Russian aggression.

Ukrainian leader Zelensky speech is first time happening in the Swiss Parliments about this Ukraine & Russian or first of any wars, because the Swiss politicians are has their different kind of prespectives related this war in Europe’s tensions.

In the EU, Mostly countries are looking to rejects the weapon exports to Ukraine because they selecting Russian Oil, Business between Russia & EU countries like germany & top companies of Europe to re-instate the business in Russia. United States are still provide the Military, Civilians, economy aid to Ukraine to continue war for thier existence.

UN & NATO always supports the Ukraine in Global Voting to fight back with Russia’s aggression, but Swiss Parliments are not support each tother countries. Ukrainian President wants to do a lot of Video Conferences, Video Link Talk with all the EU’s top parliments to defend the Ukraine on over the EU countries to allow their Arms deliveries, armed personnels, internation democratic parties support for the ukraine to raise voice the Ukrainians.

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