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Ukraine Becoming Poor Country by 2025, Ukraine Join EU, NATO, and Economy : Ukraine Russia News

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Currently, due to the war going on between Ukraine and Russia, Ukraine is also facing the world’s worst poverty, homelessness, and inflation, which is not only bad for Ukrainians but is also a big shock for the whole of Europe. Currently, some experts and social news are predicting that by 2025, Ukraine will become the poorest country in the world, like Africa and South America. Well till now Ukraine is facing a huge crisis due to Russia’s war which includes the highest debt, inflation, poverty, bank freeze, low international loan credits, and foreign aid. Before the start of the war between Russia and Ukraine, Ukraine was the largest country in Europe in terms of education, foreign policy, strategy, and developing country. Now after the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, many kinds of challenges did the people of both countries face. Recently a survey was conducted in which it was said that Ukraine still has enough money to fight Russia and at the same time the people there are enjoying their life. But if by 2025 Russia repeatedly attacks Ukraine up to the borders of NATO countries then the situation of the people of Ukraine may become quite dire.

Is Ukraine a poor country, Will Ukraine Join the European Union for economic opportunities?

However, if you go to Western Ukraine, you will still see a lot of progress there, but if you look at the current crisis and inflation there, it seems that Ukraine has the lowest per capita income in the world. But now if you go to Ukraine for tourism or financial investment, you may face the Russian army and pro-Russian economic boycotts. Recently, due to the Ukraine-Russia war, Ukrainians have almost lost their jobs, property, businesses, houses, economy, and wealth. But now there are some reports that if Ukraine does not have money to pass, then most of Ukraine’s defense sectors are dependent on foreign aid and America. This happens especially if the people of a country suffer from foreign influence, governance losses, or economic losses, then that country has to suffer the most losses. So now a lot of Ukraine has converted its investments, property, and stocks into foreign currency or bonds because of the Russia-Ukraine war, because of which it does not seem that Ukraine will be able to prosper for the next 20 years. Because you must have heard about ChechyaRussia, think in the same way that if Putin destroyed every city of Ukraine then Ukraine would never be prosperous. And if the NATO vs RUSSIA War comes to Ukraine then the situation may be like Hiroshima in which for the first time Ukraine may face a World War-like situation.

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