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UAE to buy all energy sectors, Defense, Trade Industries after Oil & Gold in 2025 : UAE Saudi Iran Deal

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Recently the news has come out that UAE is now establishing its dominance in big sectors like the Gold Reserve, Energy Sectors, Real Estate, Technology, Trade, and Financial sectors so that in the future UAE will continue to dominate like today. Currently, at the Climate Change (The United Nations Climate Summit Cop28) Summit going on in UAE, we talked not only about Climate but also about investing, manufacturing, financial sectors, Blackrock, TPG, And Brookfield. Apart from this, UAE alone has recently brought the largest investment plan of green energy investments for renewable energy of USD $100 billion. Apart from this, Abu Dhabi Financial Week also has a plan for 2025 to increase its dominance on the most important commodities in the rest of the world to almost 80%.

Why UAE planning to dominate the world’s largest industries?

For UAE, whether the war is Israel-Gaza or Ukraine-Russia, it does not make much difference because another country had better growth during the war, so no one would want to be in a war or be neutral. Due to all these, UAE is now investing billions of USD in its Real Estate, Transportation, Construction, Healthcare, Retail, manufacturing, Tourism, and Renewable and green Energy so that it can become an Oil-rich country of the future without depending on any Oil & Gas like Saudi Arabia and Qatar. So, UAE’s plan is similar to Saudi’s Vision 2030 in which Saudi wants to make Saudi the world’s top sports, entertainment, financial hub, business, exports/import, tourism, and richest high life. UAE has also started dominating the economy and business. Currently, due to the Israel-Gaza war, Saudi-UAE is not getting that close, but by the day the Gaza-Israel war ends, Iran, Saudi, and UAE will appear strong in different sectors. In this way, Iran can become a big partner for the UAE in Defence, Military, and Arms Weapons, just as we saw the SaudiIran partnership in Defence.

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