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UAE Investing $50B In Egypt for Tourism, financial and Business Sectors : Israel Gaza War

Are UAE and Saudi Arabia planning to invest in the Suez Canal, Egypt, and Yemen for economic ties?, Israel Vs Gaza, top developed city Ras El-Hekma, Suez Canal, Red Sea, Mediterranean Sea. European Union, BRICS, and CSTO investing in Egypt.


Recently, the UAE has made the largest investment ever in Egypt, which will make the relations between UAE and Egypt the best among the whole GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) in the future. For now, UAE and Saudi Arabia are the countries that are building the best relations with GCC countries like the European Union, BRICS, and CSTO, which will be a very good business, financial, and economic corridor in the future. Maybe the relations of Middle Eastern countries with the Africans of UAE, Saudi, Kuwait, Qatar, and MENA (Middle East and North Africa) will be better. UAE may increase the total direct foreign investment into Egypt to develop Egypt’s economic and tourism sectors. Although, UAE and Saudi Arabia stimulation investing in GCC countries to diversify the Arabian economy for long-term relationship, defense, business, and tourism developments. The UAE’s Investment in Egypt will remain a new strategy in Ras El-Hekma development, ensuring collaboration and mutual benefit between the two nations. This means the UAE’s Plan of Investment in Ras El-Hekma will offer the largest economic corridors, the Suez Canal, the Mediterranean Sea, and future agreements with Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Oman to make deep ties with each others. Due to the war between Gaza and Israel, mostly Arabs or GCC countries are facing huge corridor losses amid the war in the whole Middle East.

Are UAE and Saudi Arabia planning to invest in the Suez Canal, Egypt, and Yemen for economic ties?

So this is probably right because now UAE and Saudi Arabia want to maintain good relations with Yemen, Egypt, and the countries of the Mediterranean Sea. Ras El-Hekma is a new city being developed by Egypt, GCC, and the United Arab Emirates. It’s located on Egypt’s North Coast, about 212 kilometers west of Alexandria. Saudi Arabia and UAE now want to direct their relations with Africa, Europe, and America through Egypt so that they do not suffer huge losses in any future war like Israel and Gaza. UAE’s investment in Egypt will make a new strategy over Port Said, Alexandria, North-East Egypt, and the Suez Canal to build Egypt-UAE made a strategy to ignore Israel, Gaza, and Iranian-backed pressures in Egypt. Another advantage is that if Israel and Gaza issue is resolved then along with Israel, UAE, Saudi, Egypt, and GCC, MENA countries will also become a part of this investment. UAE and Egypt to build the world’s largest city in North Africa like Neom (Saudi Arabia) or The Line City to make more ties between Arabs, European, and African countries. In Egypt, this Investment of UAE is the first and largest for long-term strategic partnerships, economic, and businesses. All the GCC countrieses may keeps eyes on Egypt to connect Europe through bypassing IsraelGaza, TurkeySyria, Iraq and any conflicts. UAE’s commitment to supporting Egypt’s economic Financial, Business, and Corridor growth will increase the demand of Africa, Europe, Asia and Arabs to connects intermediate the worldwide long-term supply chains.

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