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UAE investing $1 Billion USD in Antarctica’s water, plastic, and Fish exports to World : Antarctica News

UAE and Arab League countries investing huge in Antarctica, Antarctica’s water, plastic, and Fish exports to World, Why are the UAE and the Middle East investing in Antarctica, Who earns shares from Antarctica’s tourism revenue?. investment, hiking, food, discovery in Antarctica.


Recently, the UAE is the only country which has maintained the best economic and trade relations with Antarctica. Currently, we have been told that UAE can spend more than $100M USD on other UAE iceberg projects in which UAE in the future will have the world’s healthiest pine water, plastic, Non-fillet Frozen Fish, Glassware, Crustaceans. and There will be a chance to invest in Antarctica. Right now UAE’s investment is like a big and small island in which they feel that they are getting billions of USD of profit from the Healthiest Water, Plastic, and Fish. However, after the creation of the Antarctic Treaty, no country can take environmental and defense steps that harm Antarctica but can make investments in Antarctica’s economic and water development. Currently, there are reports that UAE investment in Antarctica could reach almost $1 Billion USD if the UAE built a corridor to further water supply or iceberg projects in the entire Middle East. By the way, UAE has had investment opportunities for the last 5 years but now UAE’s investment may rose in 2024.

Why are the UAE and the Middle East investing in Antarctica, Who earns shares from Antarctica’s tourism revenue?

Therefore, Antarctica cannot be governed by any political, civilian, or common people and it is an independent island where anyone can live and create economic relations under the ‘Antarctic Treaty‘. Antarctica is the most independent place in the world where anyone can export or import things like investment, hiking, food, discovery, or fish without any pressure from any country. They consider Antarctica as their neighborhood country so that they can own or govern it, but in reality Australia, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, and South Africa are considered to be so close to Antarctica that they also care about it. But this is also the case that if UAE, Australia, the US, and the Middle East want to invest in Antarctica, they do not need to get permission from any country. But the tourism, financial, or economic money generated by Antarctica goes to those countries that invest in Antarctica, no matter which country they are, they get the opportunity to earn through tourism and iceberg development.

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