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UAE and Saudi Arabia refuse to allow the US and Europe to Airstrike Yemen: Saudi Vs Yemen

Why did Saudi Arabia refuse the US and UK for Yemen?, Yemen Vs US, Houthi Vs Saudi Arabia, Israel Gaza War, US and Europe to Airstrike Yemen. Saudi Arabia and UAE refuse US Coalitions against Yemen and Red Sea.


Currently, the leaders of Saudi Arabia on the one hand are going to recognize Israel and on the other hand, Saudi and UAE have rejected the US coalition for airstrikes and attacks against Houthi on Yemen and the Red Sea. Currently, there is a cold war going on between Yemen’s Houthi and the US and UK due to which Houthi and Yemen’s army have completely blocked the Red Sea and Sea of ​​Aden to take major action against Israel. The Arab countries have not allowed the US and the UK to use their countries against Houthi and Yemen but now Israel and Saudi Arabia’s ongoing and close proximity to Israel and the Gaza war has created another threat to the Red Sea. It is a situation in which Saudi Arabia officially supports Israel and the US. But it is very important for Saudi Arabia to keep its relations stable with Yemen also. Maintaining relations between Saudi Arabia and Yemen is not only good for Saudi and UAE but is important for the entire Western world.

Why did Saudi Arabia refuse the US and UK for Yemen?

They want Saudi, UAE, and US to remain friendly with Israel, Arabs, and America as much as they maintain good relations with Yemen. Because Saudi Arabia is giving military airspaces to US and UK, the biggest threat is to Saudi Arabia. Now the Arab world does not understand that in the end, between the US and Russia, who will have to defeat them because Russia, Israel, Iran, and the US are all friendly. Because due to the war between Israel and Gaza, it has become difficult to confirm whom the Houthis and the army of Yemen are supporting. In the first Saudi ArabiaYemen political and proxy war, but now the Yemeni government is with Saudi Arabia and the Houthi with Iran. To Yemen’s common people, diplomats, Houthi, and Yemeni army are all against Israel so I do not think that Saudi Arabia should choose any one of these. That is why now Saudi Arabia and UAE are maintaining their relations with everyone properly due to which the US and UK may face a big blow from the Middle East.

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